my {long} weekend in pictures.


{Snack time with Daph.}


{Hello Fresh meal! We’ve been getting one order (three meals) once per month and it’s a fun change to our normal dinner routine.}


{We spent Saturday morning celebrating Miss Emme James turning one! She is just a week and a half older than Daphne.}


{And more birthday party fun. It was dry and sunny, albeit cold, but Eloise was down for playing outside. We had come straight from ballet and had chosen to wear two different rain boots (both the left one)!}


{We headed to U Village on Saturday afternoon after naptime to do some late birthday shopping and celebration for Mama! After a fun trip to Madewell we stopped by the playground. Daphne loved this little window, but was really unsure about the slide.}


{We tried Even Stevens for dinner and it was delish! Sammies are pretty much our family jam.}


{And no birthday celebration is complete without Molly Moon’s ice cream. Eloise got a gift card for her birthday and was so excited to use it to buy her own!}


{It was probably in the 30s and so windy, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying every bit of our ice cream outside!}


{These girls both LOVE books. Such a joy!}


{This morning we decided we would stay in our jammies for most of the day since it is the start of Eloise’s mid-winter break. And she opted to add faux fur to her ensemble.}


{Eloise had quiet time, per usual, this afternoon and just as I was going to head down to get her and Daphne up it got really quiet. And I came down to find her asleep like this! I guess she was tired.}

We had a fun weekend continuing with birthday celebrations and seeing friends! It was bitterly cold and we had a few small snowflakes fall which was exciting. But the SUN has been out and it’s been so, so beautiful. I will take cold and sunny over warm and rainy any day. We kicked the week off with a lazy holiday Monday and Eloise will be home all week from school!

How was your long weekend?


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