my weekend in pictures.


{Daphne playing on Friday morning. We stayed in our jammies for some of the morning before deciding at the last minute to run out on an errand. Most Fridays we stay in our jammies since Eloise doesn’t have school.}


{And while Daphne napped, Eloise and I started crafting for Valentine’s Day. I love the idea of homemade cards. But then it is so much work! Plus, I took on making all of her friends super hero masks… remind me not to be so ambitious next year!}


{The SUN was out in the afternoon and it was glorious. The girls played quietly in the afternoon for a few minutes and it was heaven.}


{And more crafting. See above. (face palm)}


{Eloise thought it was WAY too sunny on Saturday morning before PEPS. Also, I put Daphne’s hair into a teeny-tiny ponytail for the first time. Swoon. I didn’t get a good picture of it, but don’t you worry that I will get a good one to post soon!}


{We hosted PEPS on Saturday morning and ended up with a house full of kids, mamas, papas, and babies. It was perfect and so fun!}


{It was so nice and sunny outside, though still pretty cold, that I couldn’t stay inside while the girls napped on Saturday afternoon. So I got out for my cardio session and walked down to Greenlake. It was crazy busy there, but so beautiful!}


{We had family dinner at a friend’s house and Daphne took advantage of the big kids playing hide-and-seek.}


{And the kids’ evening ended with all of them wearing baskets on their heads and running down the stairs.}


{And after bedtime, we got in a game and some good conversation. Oh, and snacks. So many snacks! Thank you for hosting us Amanda and George!}


{The kids’ kitchen cabinet is getting good use these days. And Christmas jammies because why not?}


{I headed over to Sara’s house this morning for a Galentine’s Day Brunch and it was so fun to see old and new friends! I even got to wear a sparkly skirt and heels, and drink my coffee while it was still hot! It’s the little things.}


{I headed out to Pure Barre this afternoon and loved wearing my sunglasses. This is the best kind of winter weather, in my opinion, cold enough for a coat but sunny enough for sunglasses!}


{I almost always hit up Trader Joe’s after Barre since it’s just a block away and if I stick to my list, I can get it all in a basket! But then I have to lug that basket all over the store with my super sore arms from Barre. I may re-think this decision next week.}


{And my view when I got home this evening. Do you think they missed me?}

We had such a fun weekend and the SUN made it 10,000% better! We got to see a ton of friends and catch up which is always a good time. And, this week is Valentine’s Day and my BIRTHDAY, so we are all pretty excited.

But I am also in denial that I am turning one year older, that we are in the middle of February already, that Eloise is officially 3.5 (with her post coming soon!), and that Daphne is just weeks away from being ONE.

Here’s to an amazing week and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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