my weekend in pictures.


{Making banana bread on Friday morning while Daphne napped. Eloise was SO excited!}


{We saw some blue sky this weekend, just for a bit, and even then it was glorious. After weeks of grey and rain, I needed to see this blue!}


{Eloise passed out during quiet time. But I can only let her sleep for about 30 minutes or else bedtime becomes nightmare-ish!}


{And we headed out on Saturday for a double date night with friends. We had dinner and then did an escape room, and we had the BEST time! It was so fun.}


{Papa and Eloise shenanigans after Saturday morning ballet class.}


{And Saturday night we had our dear friend Brenda over and Eloise was dying to play a game after dinner, so Sleeping Queens it was. If you have little kids, get this game. Even though Eloise is way too young for it (according to the box) she gets all of it (except for the math part which we leave out) and it is actually pretty fun! Because you can only play Candyland so many times, right?}

{An interview of Eloise about art. She is hilarious! She and Aaron are making me special presents for my birthday. Don’t worry, they aren’t a surprise!}


{And napping again. Those crossed legs though.}


{Maybe it was cliche, but I did watch the Superbowl mostly for the halftime show – a JT concert! I love JT but was underwhelmed with the show… anyone else? And how about those Eagles? I despise the Patriots, so it was easy to root for Philly this year.}


{And a selfie with Eloise and Baby Stella.}

We wrapped up the weekend watching This Is Us so any pictures would have been Aaron and I sobbing. That show is the best. And the saddest. Oh my heart.

We had a fun weekend without too many plans which is always the best kind, right? Plus, we got a date night which was really the best. I am determined to have a monthly date night, and so far, so good (two months in, ha)!

How was your weekend?

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