my weekend in pictures.


{A few times over the past week or so, Eloise has taken a nap during her quiet time. But I can only let her sleep for about 30 minutes or else it becomes super disruptive to her nighttime sleeping!}


{Daphne has discovered the shopping cart and loves pushing it all around the living room.}


{Eloise has been super into coloring, even more than usual, so we spent some time drawing while Daphne slept on Friday morning. And always in our jammies on Fridays!}


{But we did get dressed to take a walk around the neighborhood after lunch since we got a break between the rainstorms.}


{And Daphne is EVERYWHERE these days!}


{Eloise was building some really fun stuff with magnets too.}


{Bath time! The girls both LOVE the bath and it is so nice to put them in the tub together. They have the best time!}


{And cue post-bathtime shenanigans. She wanted her hair in a towel (like Mama) and Aaron delivered.}


{Eloise at ballet on Saturday morning. She was pretty excited to dress up in that yellow costume for part of her class, even though she had no idea who Belle is!}


{Daphne is loving Legos recently. She likes to dump the entire box out and then stick each one in her mouth…}


{And week 7 of BBG is complete! I have been switching out the BBG Full Body workout for my regular Sunday Pure Barre class each week. I’ve had so many questions about BBG, so I will do a recap once I have completed my first 12 week program!}

We had a fun weekend that was pretty chock-full on Saturday with ballet, a play date, and dinner with neighbors. And even with all of the rain and grey skies, we had a fun time! And today we hung out at the house and got a few chores done. Not anything too exciting, but it’s nice to have a mellow start to the week!

And, we survived Aaron’s first week back at work! I feel like I am just dropping off and picking up Eloise all week at school, and getting Daphne in and out and in and out of the car seat (one of the biggest bummers about her outgrowing her infant seat!) but we are in a good routine.

How was your weekend?


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