my {long New Year’s} weekend in pictures.


{Little Daph always wants to know what everyone else is up to so she doesn’t miss anything exciting!}


{We brunched at our old favorite Portage Bay Cafe for New Year’s Eve with an old and dear friend.}


{It has been cold, cold, cold here. Bundled up babies are the best!}


{Making popcorn with Papa!}


{Family movie night selfie. Our New Year’s Eve plans changed sort of at the last minute so we decided to start a movie night! It was Eloise’s first movie and she was BEYOND excited to stay up past bedtime and watch Moana. And amazingly, she watched the entire thing. She had a lot of questions, but the longest thing she had ever sat thru before this was an episode of Sesame Street so we weren’t sure how she would do. And before the movie started, I reminded her that we had met Moana at her friend Lily’s birthday party – it was one of those dressed up princess characters – but she had NO idea at the time who it was. And then Eloise asked me if we could have a play date with Moana. It was so sweet!}


{Got in my first workout of week 4 #BBG this afternoon. Originally I was planning on waking up at 6 am to do my workout (which is the normal routine for me) but this morning the alarm went off and it was not going to happen. But I am proud that I did it since it is so easy for me to talk myself out of a workout as the day progresses.}


{We headed over to the Andersons after naptime and the kids got to play together!}


{Just 6 weeks apart and right now they are grabbing toys from each other and poking each other in the eyeballs, but some day soon they will play and it will be so cute!}


{And we had to get in a game of Catan since it has been FOREVER since we have played. But playing with kids up is no joke. Definitely didn’t get into my groove when Daphne was constantly swatting at the game board… next time!}

Obviously we had a super mellow New Year’s weekend which was sort of perfect. As with Christmastime, the end of the year tends to get busy and chaotic, so it was really nice to just be at home with the girls and stay in, for the most part. We celebrated the New Year without much pomp and circumstance, but it still feels nice to have a fresh new 365 days ahead of us! And Daphne turned TEN MONTHS today which feels big.

How was your New Year’s weekend?


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