daphne {week 39}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // top: Burt’s Bees (old) // leggings: Target (old)}

{week 39} This last week we were in Boise, so while I tried to keep the routine as consistent as possible, there were interruptions and changes that we just had to work thru. Mostly the decision when we are out of town or have someone visiting (or every day I guess for me!) is whether to try an on-the-go nap in the morning and risk Daphne not sleeping or sleeping very little.

There was one morning (last Wednesday) that Grammie, Eloise, Daphne, and I ventured out to the Festival of Trees and I was hoping Daphne would snooze thru it. She fell asleep in the car on the way there, but then once I transferred her to the Ergo, she was awake! I don’t blame her since the entire Festival is huge rooms full of Christmas trees with Christmas music and lots of people milling about. At one point right before lunch she looked like she may fall asleep, but she moved thru that quickly and didn’t fall asleep until after lunch on the car ride home. We stopped at Target, though, before heading home and she did sleep (in her car seat) thru that entire trip! Every other morning we were in Boise though I made sure she was able to go down for a proper nap.

Afternoon naps are almost always regular because that is around the time that Eloise has “quiet time” and Daphne took good afternoon naps, for the most part. The roughest part of sleeping this trip was definitely nighttime! She slept thru without a peep for two nights, but every other night was up multiple times. We couldn’t really figure out why she was waking up (or why she was upset) but the last few nights, she wouldn’t let me leave until I rubbed her back while she fell back asleep. Yeah, that was super fun. I would think she was asleep so I would stop rubbing her back and stand up to leave and head back to bed, but then she would pop-up wide awake and cry until I started rubbing her back again. Grumble, grumble. Luckily she hasn’t seemed to continue that expectation now that we are home!

We were able to see almost all of my family that lives in town during the week, particularly on Thanksgiving Day, and while Daphne was pretty shy with stranger danger during the first few days, she seemed to warm up towards the end of the trip. It helps if she is well-rested and has just eaten (nursed and solid foods) when she is around new people, but sometimes Mama is the only one that will do.

Daphne did AMAZINGLY WELL on the car trip home on Sunday. As I mentioned in my weekend post, the stops for nursing, potty, gas, and meals all aligned and we made excellent time! Daphne slept a lot more than I anticipated and within a few minutes of being in the car after a stop, she was back asleep and had hardly any awake time while in the car.

We are happy to be home and getting back into the normal routine of things (I LOVE our mornings together while Eloise is at school) as we countdown the days to December 1st!

And here is Eloise’s 39 week update!

Happy 39 weeks Daphne!


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