daphne {week 38}

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{week 38} Happy Thanksgiving!

This past week or so Daphne has discovered stranger danger. She has always been a mama’s girl, but especially so right now. While happy to look at other people and interact with them, she only wants to do so if I am holding her. So, that’s been fun. I know it’s totally normal, but I am ready for her to be super social again!

We are at my parents’ house this week for the holiday and finally got a chance to weigh Daphne (our scale’s batteries stopped working…) and she is 19 POUNDS! I did not think she was that close to 20 pounds. She goes in for her 9 month check-up in two weeks and I am eager to see where she is on the growth curve.

We drove down to Boise this past weekend (as you may have seen in the weekend post) and Daphne did so well. She is generally good in the car and does well in her car seat. Her feeding schedule stretched out to 4ish hours when we were driving which was perfect for meal and wiggle breaks, though she varies between 3.5 and 4 hours between feedings now anyways. Daphne ended up napping a lot this trip which sort of surprised me. And it wasn’t until after lunch that she got upset about being in her seat. It was a 10 hour trip, so I don’t blame her, but she was acting a little funny after lunch when we started back on the road. Just overly fussy and a little warm but I thought her breathing sounded a little shallow. So I pretty closely monitored her for the rest of the trip and we made sure to let her get out for a while when we stopped for a feeding just to let her get a break from her seat. But we made it to Boise!

Sleeping has been pretty good while we have been here and Daphne is sleeping in a pack n’ play in the laundry room! Both of the girls typically sleep better when they are in their own space (and so do their parents!) and it has worked out pretty well. Naps have been really good but nighttime sleep has been harder. The time change has worked well for us because Daphne had been waking slightly earlier at home (just after 7 or 7:30) which puts her up at 8 here. She has been up a few times during the night and a handful of times just giving her a paci has not cut it (which is unusual). So it has been a few more wake-ups at night than we are used to, but all-in-all not too bad. On Tuesday morning she was up just after 5 am and pretty much didn’t go back to sleep after that (and was so upset). We couldn’t figure out what the issue was since even a feeding didn’t completely calm her down. But, she made up for it with a super solid afternoon nap (and two naps in the car while we were out for the morning) along with making me feel very thankful that I am not up with her at 5 am every day. Thank you Daph for being a (normally) great sleeper!

Also, we set up a diaper changing station in front of a mirror in my old room and Daphne is OBSESSED with that baby in the mirror. It is amazing because it keeps her distracted while we are changing diapers (because she generally wants to flip over and crawl around) but it is also so impossibly cute! And once she has a new diaper, she will sit up and then high-five herself and give herself kisses. It’s the BEST! We should probably get her a big mirror at our house too. (She also has been doing this on the oven which I shared over on my Instagram stories the other day!)

And here is Eloise’s 38 week update.

Happy 38 weeks Daphne!


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