my weekend in pictures.


{Finally found some time to start packing for our Boise trip and SO excited to use our Walker Family Goods duffel. My friend Lex that I grew up with started this company with her husband and it had a really successful kickstarter. I love this bag already and am already eyeing a pink one! It is perfect for packing both girls.}


{A big purple dinosaur joined Daphne and me on our post-lunch walk.}


{We had our monthly family dinner with the Sadliers’ and had the best time, as usual. It’s so fun that the kids all play together (for the most part).}


{A sunny and dry Saturday means yard work for Papa and Eloise. There were so many leaves and tree debris down in the yard from the crazy windstorms we had earlier in the week.}


{Just got this book and I am super excited to get into it. Getting a jump-start on New Year’s resolutions I guess!}


{Bedtime with the girls.}


{We woke up super early (okay, early for us, it was 5 am) to get on the road for Boise. Driving thru Snoqualmie Pass and realizing just how gorgeous our state is.}


{We stopped in Pendleton, Oregon for lunch and got some wiggles out at a local playground.}

{And Daphne LOVES the swing! She has only been in one one other time but didn’t laugh and giggle like this. Eloise has never really liked swings so I haven’t tried it with Daph too much. Apparently I should change that!}


{The girls playing together. Okay, truth: Eloise setting up the dollhouse and Daphne wants to join in on whatever she is doing!}

We spent all day Saturday cleaning up the house and packing up, and then all day Sunday driving to Boise to spend Thanksgiving week! I am completely in denial that it is already the end of November (what?!) but excited to celebrate Turkey Day with my family and then head home to DECK THE HALLS for CHRISTMAS!

How was your weekend?


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