my weekend in pictures.


{After a very trying week, this sister love was exactly what I needed. Seriously, is there anything cuter?}


{Lots of new products hit the Shop in the past few weeks, including cards and mini flags. I feel so behind, but better late than never I guess! And working to get out Christmas flags and cards out soon.}


{Ah, this girl. The sweetest little bug!}


{Family bath time. Being able to bathe the girls together is a game-changer and they both LOVE it!}


{Saturday morning we had a PEPS play date, and this was the first time Daphne could really play with the big kids. She just started pulling up on the play kitchen (we have this same one) and she is so excited!}


{Cooking with Aaron for Friendsgiving.}


{Friendsgiving this year was filled with babies! This is the only photo I took so I think that is a good sign we had a good time. Thanks to the Andersons for hosting this year!}

{In case you missed it on my Instagram and Facebook, Eloise the ballerina. She has ballet classes starting next month, so I got her tights and shoes which she, of course, had to try on. I am SO excited to see her as a ballerina!}


{Sunday morning play time. Eloise is always so excited to see Daphne every morning. Love them!}

It’s been a crazy and trying week (I may delve into details at a later time, but for now, I am moving on!) but we had a pretty good weekend with these sweet girls of ours. We saw lots of friends and celebrated Friendsgiving! How was your weekend?


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