my weekend in pictures.

{Some music time with the girls! Eloise is always (always) singing and Daphne loves rattles and the maracas we brought back from Mexico.}


{Since we got snow (yes, SNOW!) starting on Friday, I was pulling out all of our warm, winter clothes, including this “snowsuit” that my mom bought when I was pregnant in case it was really cold when the baby was born. Needless to say, it was HUGE because it fits Daphne right now. But, she wasn’t thrilled about it…}


{Sadie is living her best life. She thinks the highchair is magic because when the baby is in it, food just appears on the floor!}


{We had family game night on Saturday but realized we don’t have any toddler-friendly games (hello, Christmas ideas!) so we played Legos instead. And Daphne is blurry because she is always moving. Always.}


{World’s Best Papa right here. Eloise has been into taking her babies to the doctor (for hilarious “injuries”) and Aaron played the doctor this morning.}


{This morning I hit up Trader Joe’s without the kids and before the crowds and it felt like a vacation. Almost. And there were so many impulse buys guys, like truffle butter!}

Just as we woke up Friday to snow (yep, it’s super early this year!), colds set in for Daphne and me. So we spent all day Friday and this weekend pretty much laying low and hanging out at the house. We didn’t have anything planned, so it worked out pretty well. Aaron got some raking and yard clean-up done between the storms and I took a 2 hour nap on Saturday! Plus, we finished Season 2 of Stranger Things after binge-watching it on and off this week.

It definitely feels like fall now that the weather has changed (it actually feels like winter) and that we have set the clocks back. Luckily though, we made out pretty well with the time change and Eloise slept until her normal wake-up time of 8 AM since she was up SO late last night reading before bed, and Daphne was up slightly before her normal wake-up time and Aaron snuggled with her for a bit so I could sleep until 7:30 this morning. Not too shabby. Especially since I know that a lot of those mama friends out there with little ones were probably up at the crack of dawn!

Feeling much better today and hoping to be back to normal to start this week! How was your weekend?


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