my weekend in pictures.


{It was SO nice and sunny on Friday afternoon that we had to take a walk after lunch. Eloise and I wore our new shoes, both from the Cat and Jack for Target line: hers and mine. Eloise’s are the most beautiful shade of purple which, of course, she LOVES!}


{I got the girls’ costumes done just in time! A donut and a cupcake. Hopefully we will get some cute photos of them in costume in the next couple of days.}


{And this is Daphne’s newest trick. She wants to be on those feet so badly! Soon enough kiddo.}


{We carved pumpkins on Friday night and Eloise was pretty excited about it. I always forget though how un-kid-friendly carving pumpkins is… she was okay with it when she got her kitty pumpkin! Also, it looks really unsafe with Daphne on the counter, but we only did this for the photo and I promise I am hiding behind her and have my hand on her back!}


{We celebrated our little friend Emerson’s first birthday on Saturday morning, and this was Eloise’s party outfit. Quite the fashionista. And she very much enjoyed the cake!}


{This is Daphne’s other favorite thing to do. She kneels at that shelf and throws everything on the floor.}


{This year’s pumpkins! Eloise’s kitty, Aaron’s love and peace, and my stars.}


{I had to steal this picture from Jess’s Instagram of the two littles. The Andersons came over on Saturday evening for dinner and it was fun to see Daphne and Austin together. Just 6 weeks apart!}




{Starting the process of finding a pre-k program for Eloise. Seriously, there are so many decisions to make! A spreadsheet is necessary. I wish she could stay at her current school until she starts Kindergarten, but it only goes until 4s and doesn’t include pre-k.}


{We headed to a Halloween party this evening and Eloise was excited to finally wear her costume (I just finished the headpiece today!). I didn’t consider how cumbersome this costume would be and she took it off within about 5 minutes of our arrival. Hopefully it will last thru trick-or-treating a bit longer!}


{My friend Kari had quite the Halloween-themed food spread!}


{And Daphne had a good time playing! Her costume was pretty easy for her to move in still and gave her some padding when she was on her belly!}

This weekend was SO beautiful! It was perfect fall weather: foggy and cold mornings followed by sunny afternoons in the low 60s. I wish it would stay like this for the rest of fall (and into winter)!

We had a fun weekend filled with parties and friends which was a nice way to spend the last weekend of October (what?!). We are gearing up for Halloween over her and Eloise is pretty excited for the Halloween parade (mostly for the drum line of the marching band though she will be disappointed when the entire marching band doesn’t show up) and also getting to have THREE pieces of candy! We talked to her about the candy she would get at Halloween and she agreed on three pieces and we would give the rest of the candy to other kids who didn’t have any candy… she is the sweetest kid!

How was your weekend?


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