daphne {week 34}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // tee: June and January // cords: babyGap (old) // bib: DIY from Rifle Paper Co. fabric // toy: Manhattan Toy Company}

{week 34} This week seems like Daphne has grown leaps and bounds. Maybe it was because we didn’t give her free rein of the hotel room in Mexico to just cruise around, but these past few days it seems like Daphne is just on. the. move.

Crawling (as I mentioned last week) is a definite thing now and she is becoming more confident in her ability to move while up on her hands and knees. Though army crawling is still way faster, so she is still doing that too. Daphne also does a lot of planking still and is practicing her forward-fold (bottom up in the air, on her feet and hands on the floor). It amazes me to see how much she can move around!

We also noticed in the past few days that Daphne is getting more teeth. We can see all four top teeth (the two front teeth and the ones right next door) all coming in and starting to break thru the gums. And I suspect there is also a bottom tooth (or two) coming in as well. I have noticed a few more wake-ups in the early part of a nap or nighttime which I would blame on teething, but mostly it has just been an increase in drool. Holy saliva, it’s crazy. Within a half a day of me noticing her increase in drool we found tooth buds coming thru. If Daphne isn’t wearing a shirt, like after mealtime, within minutes her chest is soaking wet like she just got out of the bath! So I have gotten the bibs back out again to keep her from soaking thru all of her shirts.

Also, Daphne has started sitting up in her crib at the end of her nap time or in the morning when she’s up, but has also started reaching out of her crib if she’s close to the side. So needless to say I had Aaron lower the crib mattress before she starts pulling up to standing (which I anticipate will be sooner rather than later)! It is really sweet to come into her nursery to get her after a nap or in the morning and have her sitting up and smiling. Such a sweet babe!

Finally, I haven’t noticed Daphne sucking her thumb nearly as much these days. Maybe it has something to do with teething? And as cute as it was to see her sucking her thumb, it wouldn’t be the worst thing if she gave that up! And, on a completely unrelated note, Daphne is also using her right hand much more these days (rather than her left hand which she was doing there a lot for a while) so my theory of her being a lefty is a bit up in the air!

And see Eloise’s 34 week update here.

Happy 34 weeks Daphne!


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