my weekend in pictures.


{I made Daphne some blueberry yogurt on Friday morning (roasted blueberry puree and plain Greek yogurt) and very quickly regretted it. She LOVED it but it was so, so messy. She’s super into wanting to help feed herself with a spoon which just turns into her grabbing the spoon full of food and smearing it all over… it’s super fun.}


{She wanted me to take her picture, but then she did this.}


{We had a play date on Saturday that called for costumes, so we tried on some old ones since I definitely have not finished even started the girls’ Halloween costumes yet. This lady bug was Eloise’s first costume!}


{Eloise cracks me up! She wasn’t sleeping yet, but apparently was relaxing in bed.}


{I packed up some orders to deliver locally and it got me much more in the Halloween/fall spirit! If you want a flag, it’s not too late!}


{The official Halloween parade sign went up in our neighborhood. This is the best! If you are local and want/need a place to celebrate Halloween this year, come on over!}


{The aforementioned costume play date. 12 kids and 6 mamas in 3 years. This is Eloise and my PEPS group and some of our very best friends! Seeing these littles and their little siblings is so, so fun!}


{Aaron went to work Saturday afternoon getting our Halloween costumes ready for Ben and Sarah’s annual party. Any guesses?}


{We had the sitter come at 6 pm – yeah, a sitter, wahoo! – so we headed for a quick dinner before the party started.}


{Where’s Waldo (and Wenda)? Not the best picture (the other ones were worse, ha!) but still a really fun night. Our priorities for costumes are easy and warm. Plus, Aaron is the perfect Waldo.}


{She has been asking all week and we finally went out to get pumpkins this morning. We didn’t make it out to a big pumpkin patch since they are all a pretty good trek from our house (maybe next year?) but our grocery store had a great selection and the pumpkin guy even gave Eloise a free one! So NINE pumpkins later, we are all set!}


{Hot cheese sammies and tomato soup for lunch. And I look up and Eloise says “Do I have any soup on my face Mama?” Um, yes child, yes you do.}


{Since Daphne was up from her afternoon nap a little early today she got to accompany me to Trader Joe’s to pick up a few things (like all of the pumpkin things). And she LOVES being in the cart. Way more fun than her car seat since she can see everything!}

We had a bit of a cold and rainy weekend (especially in contrast to the heat wave we experienced in Mexico!) but it was a great fall weekend. We got to see lots of friends this weekend and even got a date night, so all in all a good one!

I am in complete disbelief that Halloween is next week and that we are already approaching the end of October. To do this week is to make the girls’ Halloween costumes. Wish me luck!

How was your weekend?


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