daphne {week 33}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // swimsuit: Cat and Jack for Target // blanket: Lou Lou and Company}

{week 33} This was a BIG week for Daphne because we flew to Cancun for the week, marking her first international flight, first passport stamp, first wedding, and first time (sweating it) in paradise!

We had a super early morning flight down to LA (and then onto Cancun) and Daphne did so well. She was a bit confused why I woke her up at 2:30 AM but went right back to sleep in her car seat on the drive down to the airport. I wore her in a carrier (we have been liking the Tula recently since it adjusts for Aaron comfortably and doesn’t take as much time to set-up as the Solly) thru airport security and then onto the plane. We kept the girls on Pacific time for the trip down, and Daphne did great with feedings on the plane, including solids (so messy!) and napped a bit too. She was mostly just interested in what was going on on the plane and wished she could just crawl around all over the place.

Once we got to Cancun, it was so, so hot and it never cooled down. Daphne tends to run warm anyways, so she was super sweaty all week. But, she did well with the temperature change as well as wearing a hat and being covered up with a sun blanket when we were out without shade. There were some mornings that I think she was too hot to nap, either by the pool or the beach, even though we were in the shade, but she cat napped in the morning most days and then took her longer afternoon nap in the cool air conditioned hotel room.

Sleeping-wise, she was great. It was the first time we had all shared a room, but we had a Pack ‘N Play over on one side of the room with a blanket hanging over the side, so she got some more privacy (and wasn’t so distracted by everyone else). And the travel sound machine was a huge help too. She was up a few times each night, mostly between 8 PM and midnight, but once she had her paci, she was great for the remainder of the night. We got a few early morning wake-ups (like 6:30 AM) but mostly she would go back to sleep until 7:30 or 8 AM for her first feeding.

Daphne loves her solid meals and that did not change in Mexico. We had access to lots of fresh fruit and grilled veggies, so that is what she had for meals along with grilled chicken, eggs (hard-boiled), and Bambas that I brought with us (she is OBSESSED with these). Her favorites were papaya, watermelon, and kiwi which she would demand (by banging on her tray) if she saw them on the table as well as grilled mushrooms and zucchini. But honestly, we have given Daphne almost every type of fruit or veggie we have access to and she hasn’t turned down a single thing!

The biggest (and most exciting) thing that happened while we were away was that Daphne started crawling. Like hands and knees, official crawling! Aaron saw her one day take a few moves, but it wasn’t until the next day (the 17th) that she was really moving around. She still stays down on her belly and army crawls, but will get up and crawl around!

We had a really great time (I will re-cap our trip in another post) and Daphne was a great little traveler. She was her happy, joyful self and won the hearts of everyone at the resort. Seriously, everyone was like “Is she always THAT happy?” Yes, yes she is.

Also, she wasn’t really feeling the weekly picture this week and was way more into rolling around and attempting to fit that entire maraca in her mouth, so there’s that.

Happy 33 weeks Daphne!


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