daphne {week 32}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // onesie: Gerber (old) // peplum sweatshirt: Old Navy (old) // leggings: Target (old)}

{week 32} 32. A week into her seventh month and I still can’t believe it. The days are long and the weeks are short!

Now that Daphne is sitting up so well on her own, she is enjoying playing on our play mat much more. We have “Daphne safe” toys out for her, though everything on that side of the living room has to be safe since she is definitely not stationery. She can go from sitting to lying on her belly and then to her side and then sometimes can find herself back sitting again! It is amazing to watch her move around. I am always so amazed by how quickly babies learn to move, considering just a few months ago she couldn’t even control her own limbs! There is still lots of rocking on her hands and knees, but as soon as she moves forward, she slips down onto her belly. I say it every week, but crawling is just around the corner!

Daphne enjoys eating very much. Way more than I remember Eloise enjoying it. And now that we are doing solids for three meals per day, she pretty much demands it after finishing up nursing. It has been so fun to see her explore foods and learn to feed herself, but boy is it so much work. I am chopping and roasting and prepping food (seemingly) all day long, and then cleaning up after mealtime. It’s seriously a full-time job, just cleaning up from three meals at the house! We are still offering some purees (mostly fruits mixed in with yogurt*) but Daphne has a huge preference towards finger foods and really just wants to feed herself. Which is great, but makes for long and very messy mealtimes.

On Friday Daphne got her flu shot (the first booster and will have a second one at her next check-up) along with a single dose of MMR. We are leaving the country for a trip this week and our pediatrician recommended she get that specific vaccine, even though the course of MMR doesn’t start until around 1 year old. Apparently much of the research points to international airports as sources of introduction to infection. Daphne did really well for her shots and cried for about a minute, and then was fine. She didn’t sleep as well as I expected (normally shots knock her out!) but she also didn’t have any other symptoms (like fever) so I was relieved.

*Our pediatrician suggested that we introduce plain, organic yogurt right before we travel to help with any tummy issues that can stem from traveling and introduction to new foods. Plain yogurt is pretty sour so I have been defrosting some of her fruit purees and adding them in (and also because any flavored yogurt you buy at the store has SO much added sugar…why?!)

Happy 32 weeks Daphne!


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