my weekend in pictures.


{I launched petite sized flags over on The Petite Flag Shop site on Friday morning. Right now the only pre-set design is BOO, but these flags can be customized just like the original ones. Head on over to the Shop and get your Halloween or Fall flags; use the code BOO for a free petite BOO flag with any order (and I will refund your shipping all month!) or if you just want a petite BOO flag use the code BOOSHIP for free shipping!}


{Saturday morning shenanigans. Papa and Eloise coloring and Daphne always watching, while finishing her breakfast!}


{So much packing happening over here. We leave in the middle of the night (5 AM flight!) on Tuesday! Be sure to check out my Instagram for all of our trip updates!}


{I LOVE that these girlies are playing together now. Eloise builds and Daphne destroys. Haha!}


{Cuddling and watching football (or in Eloise’s case commercials) before bedtime. We didn’t tell her that the UW game was starting after bedtime. She would have freaked over the full purple uniforms and shiny purple helmets!}




{I packed Shop orders today to get out in the mail first thing in the morning. Thanks for all of the support!}

I feel like all I did was pack this weekend and organize things for the trip. And I am really trying not to bring all the things, but geez, there is so. much. stuff. I did sneak out for my Sunday afternoon Pure Barre class though and gave myself a pedicure. So there was that. (And I have a mani tomorrow while E is in school and on Mondays the nail salon has babysitters. For free! Yup, so excited about that.)

How was your weekend?


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