my weekend in pictures.


{Our plans for Friday evening changed at sort of the last minute, but we had a three different invites for things (apparently it was a very popular date). We headed over to Colin and Sara’s house to celebrate Colin’s probationary period being done and him becoming a full-time firefighter. Congrats!}


{And then on the way home we stopped by Sami’s surprise birthday party. And here is Aaron showing off his Super Papa skills and holding two kiddos at once; one toddler and one milk-drunk newborn.}


{On Saturday I headed to a mid-day Pure Barre Empower class (like Pure Barre but way more intense, more cardio, more planks, more push-ups and more weights) and left Aaron to feed the girls lunch. This is a picture of Eloise after sticking a piece of elbow macaroni in Daphne’s ear… oh boy! Obviously she was delighted. I laughed when Aaron told me, but we had to sternly tell her that noodles do not go in Sis’s ear!}


{Holy hard work-out. And loved snuggling with this one when I got home!}


{Eloise would NOT nap on Saturday afternoon but we really needed her to since we were going out later that evening, so Aaron took one for the team and went down to lay with her. Next thing I knew they were both asleep!}


{We hit up Frelard Pizza Company with our new neighbors (4 adults and 5 kids!) and it was so fun! Good food, good company, and 90s music all night long.}


{Our neighbor Cat was reading to all the girls and they were giggling so much (it’s a super silly book). It was so sweet!}


{Cleaning up after lunch this afternoon. And look at those teeth Daph!}


{Aaron and Eloise spent the afternoon getting some new plants in the ground.}


{A post-barre trip to TJ’s. I always forget how crazy that place is on Sunday evening, but I didn’t have either of the girls, so it was like a mini-vacay!}


{Love this crew!}


{We are normally Colts fans, but when they come into town, we are still loyal to the Emerald City. Go Hawks!}

This weekend we had lots of social stuff on the calendar for the evenings and it was so nice to see friends and catch up! We had two late nights (Friday and Saturday) but the girls did pretty good (we did have one toddler who didn’t want to leave a birthday celebration) considering they were out way past bedtime. And, for some crazy reason I scheduled TWO Pure Barre classes this weekend! I am going to be so sore tomorrow…

We had a great weekend, but I am in complete disbelief that it is October…

Also, there’s a Fall #Instasale happening over on the The Petite Flag Shop’s Instagram until Wednesday, so go check it out!

How was your weekend?


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