daphne {week 30}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // shirt and cords: babyGap (old) // teether toothbrush: Amazon}

{week 30} Gah, 30 weeks?! It feels like such a milestone number. And in my brain I keep thinking “Gosh, only 22 weeks until she’s one!” and then I realize that’s nearly as long as she’s been alive!

Just in the past few days Daphne has started sitting really well on her own. I try to put her down on her bum with some toys around, but before she would almost immediately tip over and get to her belly (so she could crawl around). She’s much more interested in sitting up now and can spend quite a bit of time sitting, playing, and staying upright. I don’t think she’s sturdy enough to leave on the hardwood floor without someone within arm’s reach yet, but we are definitely getting there! I remember loving this stage with Eloise because I could sit her down and she would play and stay in the same spot; not so much with Daphne because it is just a matter of time before she gets to her belly and starts rolling and crawling all over!

And much more in the past week Daphne is up on her hands and knees and really rocking back and forth. I know this is a pre-cursor for full-on crawling, which we have been expecting is just around the corner. Daphne also spends a lot of time planking (forearms on the ground but up on her toes) which is impressive and will also help her build strength and coordination for crawling.

Daphne is LOVING solids still and has gobbled up everything we have given her: salmon, beef, broccoli, sweet potato, egg, apple, peach, and the list goes on. We are using the same mentality for food that we did with Eloise which is to expose Daphne to as many flavors and types of food as we can, even though Eloise is much pickier now, she is still a really great eater! I have noticed that Daphne will often make a face (like a yuck face) when she first tries something, even if it’s something she has had before, but it only lasts thru the first bite, and then she happily eats it! This past weekend we introduced scrambled egg which she seemed to enjoy, but more importantly did not seem to have any allergic reaction to. I didn’t suspect that she would have an egg allergy, but we have a lot of baby/toddler friends with egg allergies, so I was on a bit of an alert. I think we need to continue the egg exposure, but for now I am not too worried about it.

Since introducing solids, I have noticed that Daphne is much more left-hand dominant than I expected her to be. When playing, she uses both hands, but when she’s feeding herself, it is almost always with her left hand! (This is sort of making my Mama heart so happy because I always wanted to be left-handed! Don’t even ask me why.) But, she is a right thumb sucker for sure, so maybe she’ll be ambidextrous? Eloise was basically born right-hand dominant (like without question) and I know some kids are as old as grade school before a dominant side or preference is shown, but I have a feeling Daphne may surprise us all and be a little lefty!

And finally this week we have retired her bibs (for a bit) because she just isn’t drooling as much. I suspect that her two first teeth are pretty much in at this point and that the next one(s) aren’t imminent. At least that is what I am hoping because even though she never showed signs that teething was painful, it’s got to be, right? And as much as I love her little bandana bibs, I am thankful for the (slightly) less amount of laundry I have to do, and that I don’t have to remember to put a bib on her when we are running out the door (which is basically always, especially during the week)!

And see an almost identical picture of Eloise here!

Happy 30 weeks Daphne!


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