my weekend in pictures.


{Love how these girls are starting to play together.}


{Daphne is doing such a great job sitting up!}


{As you may have seen on my Instagram Stories, Daphne and I were playing peek-a-boo. It was so sweet!}


{I gave Daphne a teething biscuit on Saturday morning thinking it would be a clean(ish) thing to eat. Not so much. Moral of the story: Daphne can make a mess of any type of food.}


{Saturday morning we headed to Mount Baker playground to celebrate our little friend Seraphina’s birthday party. Eloise enjoyed the playground and the donuts!}


{We headed out to dinner on Saturday evening. This is the face Eloise makes if you say “cheese!”}


{Now that it is officially fall and the weather has cooled down, the A/C unit got to come out! As nice as it is to have in the heat, it is so nice to have it out of the living room! And yes, we store it in the shopping cart box!}


{Making a big batch of sweet potato waffles for the girls.}


{Such a sweet girl.}


{“Huh Mama?” Eloise was out with Aaron this morning while he was mowing the lawn but really needed to bring in an armful of rocks.}

Oh my goodness guys, it sounds so cliche but I am so ready for fall. The weather this week has been perfect. Seriously. A little bit of rain, clouds, cooler weather, and breaks of sun. I could live in this weather all year long!

We had a crazy week and Aaron worked a ton, so we made almost no plans for this weekend. It was perfect. I am denial that it is the end of September, but also so happy it is fall!

How was your weekend?


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