daphne {week 27}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // top and bloomers: Carter’s (old) // Sophie the Giraffe}

{week 27} This week was all about solids. I am glad that we waited (our ped gave us the green light at 4 months) but I forgot how fun it is to see babies learn about food. Daphne has been such a champ and a great little eater.

We started on Friday after her “dinner” nursing session with solids and opted for a puree and some banana. The puree we chose was the Mango + Kale + Ginger (which I didn’t include in her 6 month update) which was a bit obscure. The entire process is so interesting because Daphne has never had anything but milk, and her faces were hilarious! I think the texture of the puree and the banana were throwing her off and I don’t think she actually swallowed a single bit from that first feeding. She just kept making a face and then spitting everything out. It was completely different than our first feeding with Eloise who couldn’t eat it fast enough!

Fast-forward to the next evening when we offered Roasted Blueberry + Cinnamon puree during our sushi date night. She LOVED it! I couldn’t get it on the spoon and in her mouth fast enough. It was interesting though because we didn’t have access to a highchair. So Aaron sat her up on the table against the wall and held her while I fed her as fast as I could. It was messy but effective.

I have decided to try doing one fruit cube (all of the purees were frozen into ice cubes so we just defrost* one or two when we need) and one vegetable cube (or soft hand-held food/BLW) for her solid meal. I want to expose her to a lot of flavors, but also continue to re-introduce foods that she has liked and also disliked in the past. We re-tried the Mango + Kale + Ginger last night and she devoured it along with the Cherry + Basil. And tonight we offered Zucchini + Pea + Mint along with the Roasted Blueberries (again) and about a quarter of a banana. We are hoping to keep introducing new purees along with the old ones as well as some roasted veggies this week.

*I mentioned this when we were starting solids with Eloise, but I thought it was worth mentioning again. If you are a weirdo like me about the microwave (I use it for almost nothing) and want to heat up frozen purees on the stove top, consider getting an ebelskiver pan. We got one somewhat randomly for our wedding and it works perfectly for defrosting a cube of puree!

And in other news, Daphne can almost sit up on her own and is working on getting those knees up under her when she is crawling!

She goes in for her 6 month check-up on Wednesday, so I will update next week about all of her stats!

Happy 27 weeks Daphne!


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