my {long} weekend in pictures.


{We met up with some new friends at the Zoo on Friday morning. The baby gorilla wasn’t out, but we got to see this sweet one taking a snooze!}


{It was Daphne’s first Zoo trip, but she really spent most of the time in the stroller. For lunch, we found a nice shady spot near the tigers and Baby D got to venture out for a bit.}


{We started solids with Daphne on Friday to celebrate her turning 6 months! She was super stoked about it.}


{But then made this face a lot. She didn’t love it (or even like it) at first, but things got better quickly (as you will see).}


{I got home from Pure Barre on Saturday morning and Eloise had let Aaron do her hair in piggies! That is big for us. She will sometimes let me do her hair, but then three seconds later just pulls it out…}


{We dropped Eloise off at the Sadliers’ house for her first overnight stay on Saturday night. I was worried that she would change her mind at the last minute, but once we got there she was like “when are you leaving Mama?” Bittersweet for sure. She had the BEST time though, as you can see she got to make her own pizza! Thank you SO MUCH Amanda and George for taking such good care of her.}


{And meanwhile, we went to Musashi’s for date night and had some time with Baby D!}


{As crazy as it was because we didn’t have a highchair at the restaurant (!) we did a second introduction of solids. And Daphne LOVED it!}


{After a lazy morning, we picked up Eloise from her sleepover and headed to Snohomish County to Flower World. It’s been almost two years since we completely re-did our yard and we still haven’t planted plants in the flower beds. So, we attempted to get some plants to fill the yard and mostly succeeded. It was super hot and we had a cranky, hungry toddler close to naptime coupled with WAY too many plants and choices so we didn’t get everything we needed. Baby steps, right?}


{There was a lot of eating around here this weekend and I have forgotten how cute it is when babies eat. Even though it is such a mess!}


{Get it girl!}


{This morning Aaron headed outside to work in the yard early (to mow and plant and clean-up the beds) before it got too hot, so the girls played while I ate breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen. They are already playing together and it makes my mama heart melt. The sweetest. Also, Eloise refused to wear clothes for nearly the entire day.}


{Attempting to plan out my week after I did meal planning and grocery ordering. School starts mid-week and I am so ready for it!}


{Finally getting some hydrangea in the front yard. We have much bigger plans for the front, but for now Aaron has cleared out this side bed next to our parking pad and we are focusing on that. I think it will be some time before we can really overhaul the entire front!}

First I have to tell you that in true Seattleite style this weekend was unbearably hot. Like record-setting hot. 90 degree heat is no bueno for the PNW and thank goodness we have an A/C in our living room and basement bedrooms. And the heat is supposed to continue until mid-week. I am planning on being out with the girls early in the morning and then holing up inside once the heat starts!

But, this weekend was still really great. I purposefully tried not to plan too much because weekends, especially long ones, just fly by. Of course, I had a mental list of many, many things to do and only some of them got done, but I still feel like I was productive without being exhausted.

I am still in disbelief that Labor Day has come and gone and fall is almost upon us. Where the heck did the summer go?

How was your weekend?


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