my weekend in pictures.


{Friday morning Eloise decided she was a ballerina and wanted to put on a show for Daphne and me. And, she let me put her hair up in a bun!}


{On Friday evening we had family dinner at the Sadliers’ house and got to have a belated birthday celebration for these two crazy three year olds. Happy Birthday Eloise and Elliott!}


{We left late from family dinner, but Eloise never went to sleep… so at almost midnight she was finally in bed. Aaron says he wasn’t asleep when I took this, (Eloise was definitely NOT asleep yet!) but he and Eloise were both passed out five minutes later when I went in there!}


{On Saturday we went to dinner at a neighbor’s house and Eloise loves their cat and his outdoor tunnel.}


{One baby gate up. And so it begins.}


{Eloise had blackberries this morning and when I looked across the table, it looked like she had a missing tooth!}


{Always running out the door, but I was wearing a silk shirt this morning so I thought it should be documented!}


{Daphne liked catching up with some other baby friends this morning at Eli’s birthday party.}


{And Aaron and Eloise were having WAY too much fun at the party!}


{Gah, she’s so happy! And almost sitting up on her own. How is she growing up so quickly?}


{Our friends are remodeling their kitchen and needed a new home for their dishwasher, so we gladly replaced our old dinosaur one. Thanks to my hubby for setting everything up! You know you are grown up when you are excited about appliances, right?}

We only had one birthday party this weekend guys, and it was the last one of the summer. Seriously, so much fun but I think we are all partied out.

This is our last weekend of summer before Labor Day next weekend, so we sort of laid-low without a lot of plans. It was perfect. And tomorrow is supposed to heat up just in time for our last week of summer vacation!

How was your weekend?



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