daphne {week 25}

Daphne_Week 25.jpg

{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // romper: Gymboree (old) // rattle: Manhattan Toy Company}

{week 25} Oh that little dimple Daphne Lucille! Some people told me when she was a newborn that her dimple may go away (apparently you can grow out of them?) but I am hopeful that it will hang on.

As I mentioned in last weekend’s recap, we got Daphne a highchair and since then I have been trying to sit Daphne in it when she is awake during mealtime. We used to sit her in her Bumbo seat on top of the table, but for obvious reasons, that gives me anxiety. But, I really want to involve Daphne in mealtimes, even though we still haven’t introduced solids just yet. She sits so well in her highchair and really loves to be with everyone. Especially Eloise (big surprise there). Plus, it has recently occurred to me that we can now use a highchair with Daphne when we go out to eat!

Daphne’s sleeping is still great, despite her recent early wake-ups. There aren’t very many times that her lovie and/or paci won’t immediately calm her down and put her right back to sleep. I haven’t been “sleep training” her in the middle of the night if she wakes (by that, I mean set a 5 minute timer to see if she will self-soothe) because I know 99.9% of the time I can give her the lovie or paci and she will go right back to sleep. Often when she fusses while sleeping I notice she is on her tummy and seems like she is stuck! Even though she does do quite a bit of tummy sleeping, I always roll her to her side when I am soothing her and then she is more able to get into the position that she wants.

Daphne is also still trying to move, beyond the rolling and scooting that she is already doing. I just noticed yesterday morning that she is starting to pull up on her knees and then try a crawling motion with her arms. Guys, I think we are going to see crawling soon! (AHH!)

This little one has also found her feet in the past few weeks! She likes to grab them but has yet to try to put them in her mouth, though I suspect that is coming soon since she puts everything else in her mouth! 

And see Eloise in the same romper here!

Happy 24 weeks Daphne!


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