daphne {week 24}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // cardigan: Carter’s (old) // tank onesie: Carter’s (old) // shorts: Carter’s (old) // Oball rattle (similar)}

{week 24} Gah, 24 weeks and it’s already the middle of August?! How is time moving so quickly. I feel like Daphne is growing so, so fast. She seems much less like a baby now as she has much more personality these days!

Daphne is on. the. move. She is constantly rolling and scooting and spinning on her belly during play time. Plus, she is so determined. Seeing a toy just out of her reach, or Mama or Papa or Eloise is incredibly motivating for her to push off her little toes and pull with her arms. I am really starting to see the “crawling” motions start and know that it is just a matter of time (probably just days or weeks) before she is really moving. We have already talked to Eloise (and I am constantly reminding her) that we have to keep her play mat and the immediate surrounding areas clear of any small toys, including anything that Eloise doesn’t want to share with Daphne. There is nothing like the threat of your little sister chewing on something that will make you put it away quickly! (This is going to be the best clean-up trick ever!) And I have started to be really mindful of the toys that we have in our living room and making sure they are all Daphne-safe toys.

Daphne’s little tooth is coming in really well. And it’s sharp! She grabbed my finger yesterday and started gnawing and left tooth marks! Plus, the tooth right next-door is going to make an appearance soon as well; you can see the little white tooth bud just under the surface of the gum. Despite the endless amount of drool (though that has been going on for some months now) teething doesn’t seem to be effecting Daphne much! Fingers crossed teething for her goes as smoothly as it did for Eloise.

A few weeks ago it dawned on me that instead of needing to go out and buy summer clothes for Daphne that I should check in Eloise’s old clothing stash first. I have E’s old clothes sorted by size and next up was the 9 months to 12 months which I first thought would be way too big for Daphne at this point. But, I saved a lot of the Carter’s brand clothes (which run pretty small, in my opinion) and lo and behold, they fit Daphne pretty well. And while she can wear 9 or 12 month clothes, she still also fits into 6 month clothes as well. Clothing sizes for infants are all over the place and I think so much depends on the type of clothing! That said, if I do pick up anything new for Daphne (because she has to have some of her own things, right?) I will look at 12 months (Carter’s) or 6 to 12 months in other brands.

Happy 24 weeks Daphne!


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