my weekend in pictures.


{Baby D is sleeping in her crib! We sleep-trained this weekend and I will share more details this week.}


{Our little thumb-sucker. And she LOVES her lovie!}


{There was free ice cream at the grand opening of Bartell’s (a drug store) at Greenlake on Saturday and Eloise was delighted to get a strawberry ice cream cone. Her very first cone. She was pretty excited about it!}


{Eloise has been liking to play “picnic” all day, every day. And some memory game too. With Baby Stella who does everything (and borrows everything) that Daphne does!}


{Trying to entice Daphne to crawl. She loves, loves that book of baby faces and that rattle ball!}


{As some of you know, I tend to bake a brand-new cake recipe when I throw parties which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. Next weekend we are throwing Eloise’s THIRD birthday party and she requested a purple cake (with purple dinosaur candles) so I decided that maybe I should do a test run. It turned out well (and much more purple in person) so hopefully it will turn out well again at the end of the week! And hopefully our neighbors will enjoy this cake at the Block Party this week (since we can’t have two cakes in our house in the same week).}

We had a pretty mellow weekend with very few plans. It was nice to just hang out with the kids after a bit of a crazy week before. Plus, we are gearing up for a BIG week: Aaron and my SEVENTH wedding anniversary and a corresponding date night (with a sitter and everything!), Daphne’s fifth month birthday, and Eloise’s third birthday party. And I have been hearing it is supposed to be a scorching week with highs near 100 (which will absolutely set a record here).

How was your weekend?


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