daphne {week 19}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // onesie: Carter’s // shorts: Carter’s // blanket: Aden and Anais}

{week 19} This has been a big week for Daphne since it’s her first trip to Boise! She usually does pretty well in the car when we drive around town, but a long road trip is a totally different game! But, she did SO well. We kept on our usual schedule of 3 hour feedings and ended up making three stops to nurse/eat/get out wiggles, and then stretched the last feeding of the trip a bit so we didn’t have to stop just 20 or 30 minutes away from my parents’ house. Obviously there was so much time spent in the car seat, but Daphne did well playing right after a feeding, and then putting herself down for a nap so long as she had a paci (or her thumb) and her lovie! Only at the very end of the trip did she fuss – and we were stretching her feeding time so it was risky!

Once we got into Boise, she transitioned to the time change right away; I kept her on Pacific time thru bedtime and then we switched to Mountain time by the next morning. Daphne has kept to her regular feeding intervals which has been nice and predictable. And with sleep, she has been in our bedroom in the Rock N’ Play. The past few mornings she has slept in (wahoo!) until 7 or 7:30 am (as opposed to her usual 6 am) and only been up once or twice in the night.

It has been SO hot here (into the triple digits every single day!) so Daphne and I have spent all of our time inside in the A/C. And when we do get in the car to go out, we have this little fan that we clip near her car seat since our car vents don’t go anywhere near her! {We got this fan a few weeks ago when we noticed that she was getting pretty hot driving around Seattle once the weather was warm.}

We have been introducing Daphne to my family and Boise friends which has been a delight! She met her Aunt Yaya (my sister), Aunt Dollie (my sister) and Uncle Lance and cousin Dawson, Uncle Jason (my brother) and Aunt Kelly, and her Great Uncle Gary (my dad’s brother) and Great Aunt Gail, and some of my closest girlfriends and their families.

Daphne also had her first haircut this week! We took a family trip down to my hair appointment (since I only get my hair cut in Boise) because we were planning on having Eloise get her hair cut for the first time. Plans changed on that and Eloise didn’t get a hair cut (a very opinionated toddler!) but Daphne did! She had this one small section in the back behind her ear that was almost an inch longer than the rest of her hair, so I had it trimmed up and it can grow out with the rest of her hair. She did so well (Aaron just held her) and I don’t think even realized what was going on!

And lastly, I forgot to bring the Bumbo seat for Daphne in our rush to get out the door last week. Not a huge deal, but she loves to be upright and sitting during at least some of her awake time, but is nowhere near sitting up on her own. We were at a friend’s house for dinner and she offered us a jumperoo that both of her boys had outgrown and they were looking to get rid of. And let me tell you, Daphne is obsessed! She squeals with delight when she is in it, and even though it is enormous (!) it will be great to occupy Daphne and is pretty temporary (in the whole scheme of things, right?).

Happy 19 weeks Daphne!


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