my weekend in pictures.


{I finally got a chance to refinish our coffee table. We love this table (it was my late grandmother’s) but it was just really dark. So I stripped it down and stained it, and it looks amazing! I will share “after” pictures soon.}


{Oh, sleeping babies are the best. So sweet. But also sleeping!}


{We hit up another birthday party on Saturday morning. Eloise had so much fun playing with her friends. Happy Birthday Amelie!}


{We had Uncle Ben, Aunt Sarah, and Uncle Stan and Aunt Kathi (in this weekend from Indiana!) over for dinner on Saturday evening. Eloise was very excited to pick some lettuce and beets from the garden.}


{Sadie girl got a much-needed summer haircut and is very festive in her bandana!}


{We ventured out to the Ballard Farmer’s Market this morning with Ben, Sarah, Stan, and Kathi. We hardly ever hit this farmer’s market (or any farmer’s market for that matter, sad) but it was so fun!}


{Eloise and I came across a typewriting poet and requested a poem about sisters. It was so sweet and I am going to frame it for Eloise’s room!}


{We enjoyed pho for lunch!}


{Stan, Eloise, Kathi, Aaron, me, and Baby D. Such a fun time!}


{This is one happy baby!}


{Did my final body scan for the end of the Summer Challenge today after my usual Sunday afternoon barre class. Really pleased with my results – I am much stronger! I didn’t do the Whole30 part of the Challenge because I am nursing and didn’t want to restrict my diet too much, but it was still a great 6 weeks!}

As you can see we had Uncle Stan and Aunt Kathi in town! It was great to see them and show them around the Emerald City. We had amazing (read: sunny) weather and it finally feels like summer!

How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

    • Yes, it was so fun to chat and Eloise keeps talking about Kenley! We should chat a few more times before October too. Definitely a Gilbertson trip out to Seattle – you are welcome any time!

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