my weekend in pictures.


{The girls in their matching shirts that Mimi and Paga brought back from Greece! Eloise chose her shirt to wear and then insisted that Daphne wear hers too.}


{When Papa leaves out his headphones and Xbox controller, Eloise likes to pretend she is watching TV. That is pure joy on her face!}


{On Saturday morning we (Daphne) slept in so Eloise was up before I could finish our morning feeding and pumping. Since Aaron was out for a run, Eloise sat in her room and read with Stella until Papa got home. The sweetest!}


{Eloise and our neighbor Maxine drawing all over the sidewalk. And that white hat is covered in chalk…}


{Daphne in the sweetest outfit from Uncle David and Aunt Jodi. We don’t wear a lot of ruffles and bows, but it’s pretty cute!}


{Eloise was lying in the grass and enjoying the shade since “the sun is so bright Mama!”}


{Aaron was busy on Saturday afternoon working on building a frame for some art for our bedroom. This map has been hanging with painter’s tape for a while now, so it has been nice to see it in a frame!}


{We added a few new diapers to the cloth stash and I am pretty excited about it!}


{Driving across Lake Washington to the Eastside this morning and it was so beautiful. The mountain (Rainier) was out!}


{We got to celebrate the birthday of a very special and dear friend, Miss Madeleine, this morning. The happiest of birthdays M!}


{Eloise had a ton of fun at the party making a macaroni necklace, painting, eating cake, and playing in the water!}


{This afternoon I headed to my 25th barre class to end the Summer Challenge and this is how I felt at the end. I was SO tired and did not want to go, but the air conditioning was a pretty influential factor given the near 90 degrees that Seattle hit today!}


{Aaron and Eloise had a pretty good time at the Summer Challenge Celebration Party at lululemon this evening.}

Summer is officially here and it is already too hot! 🙂 Seattleites are known for complaining about it being too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, and I am no exception. Today was hot, hot and when you have a little one who wants to nurse and snuggle all the time, you just cannot cool off! But, that said, we are embracing summer with open arms and enjoying the next three weeks that we have Papa home!

We had a fun weekend mixed with house projects and visiting friends. I think any weekend that has these two things is the best kind of weekend!

How was your weekend?


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