daphne {week 16}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // overalls: babyGap (similar) // tee: Hanna Andersson // moccasins: Freshly Picked // blanket: Lou Lou and Company}

{week 16} This week I have really been trying to prep for some big sleep transitions, and keeping my fingers crossed that we won’t have a terrible four-month sleep regression… wish us luck!

One of the things I have been working on this week is making sure I do a sleep routine with Daphne before naptime (diaper check, swaddle, sound machine on, light off, curtains closed) and then also at bedtime. I have also been starting Daphne napping in her crib. She does well most of the time, but sometimes she will wake up and won’t go back to sleep without being held or placed in her Rock N Play. Any time that she spends sleeping in her crib though is a win!

For the past three nights Daphne has been sleeping in her room (sad face from Mama) and has been doing well. She is still in her Rock N Play for now because she sleeps so well in there and always has at night, so I am not going to rock that boat (ha, pun intended!) until I have to. I would like to drop her late night feeding (or at least transition it into more of a dreamfeed) before I transition her into her crib. Later this week I am hoping to shorten the late night feeding and see how that goes with her nighttime sleep!

This week I also have been shortening Daphne’s daytime feeding. She was at 20 minutes per side each feeding up until about two weeks ago when I lessened the feeding to 18 minutes per side. This week we are down to 16 per side and she seems to be satisfied. I know she is consuming a lot more volume in a shorter amount of time than she was as a newborn, and I am hoping to get more efficient feedings!

And finally, I tried to unswaddle Daphne for one of her naps this past weekend (by taking the hand pieces off of this swaddle which we LOVE) and it did not go well. I think it may have been a bad nap to try it since she was fussy anyways, but this kid LOVES her swaddle! Seriously, she giggles and coos and smiles when she goes into the swaddle so I think I will wait until she really needs to be out of it to make the transition. Though she can roll from her side to her back (which she can do either awake or asleep) and I have seen her nearly roll from her back all the way to her belly, which would mean a transition out of the swaddle for sure! I think in the long term Daphne will be happier without the swaddle because she loves her hands so much. She self-soothes well if she can get to her hands (and even sucks on them in the swaddle, though she does better with her paci).

And here’s Eloise at 16 weeks! Pretty much everyone comments or asks about whether the girls look alike, which I think is true with siblings but especially when you have sisters (or brothers). There are definitely similarities in the girls (eyes and nose) but they are starting to look different (i.e., Daphne is starting to look different than Eloise!). And I definitely am seeing that more and more in pictures, but not as much in person.

Happy 16 weeks Daphne!


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