my weekend in pictures.


{The Roosevelt High School Marching Band had its final neighborhood show (they have been practicing in our streets all spring!) on Saturday, complete with uniforms and police escorts. Eloise was VERY excited to see them!}


{Eloise reading Brown Bear Brown Bear to Daphne while we worked in the nursery.}


{Finally (finally) hung the gallery wall in Daphne’s nursery. We need to patch a few old holes from Eloise’s old art and then it’s ready to share! I never got around to hanging a gallery wall for Eloise when she was in the nursery, so this felt like a major win!}


{No one wanted to cook dinner on Saturday so we headed to U Village. The playground was a must and Eloise loves these hand print tiles that decorate the walls. And can you tell what her favorite color is??}


{Eloise made the sweetest gifts for Father’s Day for Aaron at school. She was so, so excited to have him open them!}


{I shared this on Facebook and Instagram, but Daphne’s side-eye was worth sharing again!}


{Off to lunch we went! We used the stroller seat with the bassinet (rather than the car seat) and it worked so well!}


{Indian lunch buffet was Aaron’s choice and we picked up Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site for Eloise at the local free lending library en route!}


{Trying to tame the rhodie a bit while the girls napped this afternoon.}


{We crashed a friend’s birthday party and got to see Uncle Ben and Aunt Sarah. Of course Daphne had to try on the tiny sombrero.}


{These two. My heart.}

We had a pretty quite weekend that was slightly cool for my taste, but was so, so fun! Sometimes not having too many plans is the best way to spend the weekend.

And Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing fathers out there, including our own Papa, Papaw (Aaron’s dad) and Paga (my dad)! And a Happy Birthday to Paga as well!

How was your weekend?


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