my weekend in pictures.


{Milk drunk. Love her.}


{Eloise and Grammie building a block tower.}


{Fist in mouth and grabbing hanging toys. Daphne’s awake time has gotten pretty exciting!}


{Painting with Grammie. Eloise would have painted every single minute of the weekend if we would let her! And blue was her choice of color since purple wasn’t available.}


{Dinner delivery is the best – no cooking!}


{Eloise was up early and Aaron headed to the gym this morning, so I asked her to stay in her room and read while I finished pumping. And she did! It was so sweet.}


{Grammie and Eloise made play-dough and then some cookies. This is the best “cheese!” I could get.}


{Baby D is can almost sit up with this Boppy pillow. Seriously, she is growing up way too quickly!}


{Our little garden is doing so well! We had our first salad from some of the greens and they were delish!}


{Running out the door to my regular Sunday afternoon Pure Barre class… I am always rushing out the door! This was class 17 out of 24!}

We had a nice sunny weekend and Grammie was in town, yay! We laid pretty low and hung out around the house. Just what we needed.

How was your weekend?


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