daphne {week 14}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // tank jumper: June and January // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{week 14} I feel like this picture captures Baby D so well right now: all smiles and hands in the mouth.

We did start cloth diapering (as I mentioned last week) and it has gone really well. I am trying not to be crazy about it and just make it work when it makes sense, so we are only doing it when we are at home and sticking with disposables overnight. I am out and about quite a bit because of summer and Eloise, so we are still buying and using quite a few disposables but it does make a difference to use even 2 or 3 cloth diapers a day! We are still happy with the bumGenius diapers that make up most of our stash and I may add a few more Grovias to the mix since I am liking those as well.

Daphne continues to amaze me with her head and neck strength. And it is pretty much what most people comment on when they see her. So I think we are to the point where we can dig out the Bumbo seat which I think Daphne is going to enjoy immensely. She loves being upright, so this will be a great activity for her!

Also, I was just thinking after Daphne’s three month post that we just had one more month of her as a newborn (which makes me a little sad) but then I was reading Eloise’s 14 week update and it said that technically 14 weeks is the newborn cut-off? So now I am really sad. And also #secondchildproblems: I do almost no reading on infants and babies this time around and mostly just refer to my old blog posts of Eloise or consult with my mama friends!

Happy 14 weeks Daphne!


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