my weekend in pictures.


{Seriously, you guys, sisters are the best!}


{Making avocado dip for this amazing recipe. It’s definitely a go-to in our house!}


{Sleeping in and a morning barre class really put Daphne and I out of sync in terms of feedings on Saturday, so I spent a fair amount of time pumping.}


{Oh so happy!}


{Birthday party this afternoon. Happy birthday Andrew and Ford!}


{Lunchtime at this cutest tiny picnic table. Word on the street is that it is from IKEA. We may or may not need this for our girls!}


{Eloise and her friend Harlon enjoying some frosting together. The sweetest! These girls have known each other basically their entire lives and are BFFs!}


{Daphne napped thru basically the entire party and enjoyed some snuggles with Papa!}


{Some of the kiddos enjoying strawberry shortcake!}


{Basically my entire adult life I have wanted to have a strawberry planter and I finally picked one up this weekend. SO excited about this!}


{Tummy time this afternoon. She spent the first few minutes rolling but then stopped as soon as I got my phone out… She has been enjoying talking to herself in the mirror though!}

This weekend flew by but was so much fun! We got some stuff done around in the yard and also got to catch up with some friends – the best kind of weekend, right?

We are gearing up for the week and so excited because Aaron is on paternity leave! Eloise is still in school (for another three weeks!) so our daily/weekly routine will be similar, but we are hoping to squeeze in some fun summer activities too!

How was your week?


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