my {long} weekend in pictures.


{We visited Papa’s office – and dropped off some new artwork Eloise made for him for his birthday – on Friday afternoon.}


{The kids’ table!}


{Family Dinner Night at the Sadliers. Good food, great company. The kids had so much fun playing together, Amanda made an amazing sangria, the weather was beautiful, and we all played Ticket to Ride for the first time which was super fun! Thanks for the BEST time Sadlier family!}


{With the sun out Eloise insisted on being outside basically every minute of the weekend. She even wore her hat (most of the time), sunglasses (some of the time), sun shirt, and reminded me to put sunscreen on her! Also, she always has these sneakers on the wrong feet…}


{Milk drunk.}


{I made it to Pure Barre Saturday AND Sunday morning! Just into the third week of the Summer Challenge and have 9 classes done!}


{Daphne is almost always this happy! And she wore this romper on repeat this weekend because it is so incredibly cute. Thanks Great Aunt Yaya and Gigi!}


{We picnicked at Sascha and Brad’s Marital Dance Party on Saturday night, and the food was delish!}


{One of my best friends from law school Sascha got married a few months ago and it was so amazing to see her this weekend and celebrate!}


{Ah my heart. I love these sisters.}


{Rocking tummy time.}


{Eloise spent all morning outside with Aaron and apparently insisted that she help him with his shoes! Such a helper.}


{Yes, my peonies are blooming. Well, two out of three of the plants are!}

We had almost no plans going into the weekend but amazing weather forecasted. I surprised Aaron with 2 hours of weeding (via the Neighborly app) for his birthday which inspired Aaron to be outside all weekend long. I didn’t get many pictures (but I will be sure to soon) but our yard looks AMAZING! The lawn was mowed and edged, the front flower bed next to our driveway was cleaned out (dirt, weeds, and extra plants out, landscape fabric down, bark on top), and the area around our raised bed was all cleaned out. And I spent most of today cleaning the house and doing laundry plus we already got our weekly grocery delivery, so things are pretty spectacular around here as we kick off this coming week! (Also, how is it almost June?)

Things are very exciting around here as we finally (finally) are going to have a stretch of “summer” weather PLUS this is Aaron’s last week of work before he takes the summer off – wahoo! We can’t wait to have Papa home during the week and have all sorts of summer adventures together.

I hope you had an amazing Memorial Day weekend! Also, do you know the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day (and Armed Forces Day)? I didn’t until today.

How was your long weekend?


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