daphne {week 12}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // dress: Carter’s}

{week 12} Daphne is really starting to fill out and it is the best! She’s getting rolls in her thighs, a Buddha belly, and a double-chin – it is love!

She particularly loves her right hand as well (exactly like Eloise) and tries to stick the entire thing in her mouth. She also waves it around and watches it which proves to be quite entertaining!

Daphne is napping solidly during the day (knock on wood) and well at night. We increased her nighttime bottle to 2 ounces which she takes after a full nursing session so her belly is nice and full for bedtime. Since I have been going to Barre more frequently, Daphne has been taking a bottle (I will just pump before I leave) as a feeding a few times over the past week and will take about 3 ounces. I have been freezing milk in bags between 1 and 2 ounces so we don’t have to defrost more than we have to!

Daphne’s first two naps and last nap are generally the best, the other two are more like cat naps. I have been trying to put her down in her nursery for naptime (if we are home or I am not cooking dinner) and simulate what a “real” naptime would be like: curtains closed, swaddle, pacifier, sound machine, and closed door. She does pretty well and even though she is still sleeping in a rock n play (and not her crib yet) I think this is a good first step to getting into a good napping routine. Often I will lay her down while she is still awake and she will put herself to sleep (which is what I do for bedtime too) which is amazing! And then there are some naps (like her last one yesterday) which she insists on being held… I am trying to find a good balance of being able to get a “break” during naptime and also enjoying those lovely newborn cuddles!

We are enjoying all of the smiles and coos from this little one who is so, so happy! She is the happiest (and most animated) right after a feeding. She also continues to have amazing neck strength and can sit up (being held) without (much) head or neck support, loves to look around, and is rocking tummy time. It seems like time is flying so quickly and pretty soon she isn’t going to be a newborn anymore (but then she does the newborn narcolepsy thing – always during a feeding – and she seems so little again)!

Happy 12 weeks Daphne!


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