my weekend in pictures.

{Friday brought gorgeous sunny weather so we met Amanda and Elliott at Ella Bailey Park (in Magnolia) for a play date. The views were spectacular!}

{After the park we headed to Serendipity Cafe for some lunch. There is a great little play space for the littles and the food was delish. Thanks for such a fun morning Amanda and Elliott!}

{Daphne sporting her Pagliacci Pizza onesie. If you order a Pagliacci pizza to be delivered to your room in the hospital right after you have a baby, the delivery will include a special onesie! Needless to say we had pizza delivered to the room for dinner.}

{A package from Freshly Picked always makes for a great mail day. I ordered a pair of new sandals for Eloise and I can’t wait for her to wear them!}

{Daphne has been enjoying time in her playmat, and her hand too, and is starting to really roll from side to side. Once she is in her shoulder though she can’t roll back!}

{The sunny and warm weather meant we officially started grilling season! I love not having to cook in the kitchen when it’s hot.}

{Aaron vacuumed out the car which was such a nice surprise, even under the car seats!}

{Eloise was trying on her new summer hat. And since it matches Daphne’s new summer hat, Stella got to wear Daphne’s!}

{Aaron’s brother David was in town for a quick visit, and he and Ben and Sarah came over for dinner and shenanigans on Saturday.}

{Eloise was pretty excited to have Uncle David around. He kept telling her that something was on the ceiling and when she looked up he would tickle under her chin!}

{And Daphne was giving Aunt Sarah so many smiles.}

{And after Eloise went to bed, Ben, Sarah, and David played this hilarious game called Overcooked. I could never play it but it’s so funny to watch!}

{Milk dunk Daphne this morning. And she let me sleep in until 7 after sleeping without a peep all night!}

{Aaron hung some lines for our future peas to climb. All of our little veggie starts are finally  starting to grow!}

{Eloise was teaching Stella how to walk down the stairs like a big kid. And let her borrow her red sandals too. I promise this was safer than it looks!}

{Eloise was helping me with Daphne’s weekly photo shoot by taking some on her camera!}

{Thanks for coming out the visit Uncle David!}

We had a super fun weekend which was only made better by the amazing weather! It feels like we skipped spring and went right into summer. At least for the next few days… it is amazing how much difference the sun makes in our lives. 

I finished my first week of the Pure Barre Summer Challenge and only have five more weeks left. I was worried about taking 4 classes per week, but after the second class, I was feeling really good! The evening classes during the week are rough but it’s only for two more weeks until Aaron starts his paternity leave! Yes!

How was your weekend?


One thought on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. Cute, cute pictures! Looks like a fun weekend! And I can’t tell you enough how cute those two little granddaughters are❤️ Love seeing pics of them and I swear it looks like Daphne has grown a bunch since you were here! Love to all❤️

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