daphne {week 8}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // overalls: babyGap (similar) // onesie: crewcuts // booties: June and January // quilt: handmade by Amanda}

{week 8} Holy cow, 8 weeks already?!

Daphne is such a sweet little spirit and has been showing us so many smiles as of late, including during this week’s photoshoot. She definitely has her unhappy moments (and the cutest sad face!) but she is generally very happy.

We are still nursing six times per day for about 40 minutes (20 on each side) and she is the noisiest! Except for her first and last feeding, she is “talking” most of the time that she nurses. She is also pretty noisy when she is sleeping too – groaning and moaning in the wee morning hours!

While she is still giving us a nice long stretch of sleep at night (at least 7 hours), she has started to fuss between about 4 and 6 am. Almost always she has lost her pacifier and as soon as it is back in her mouth, she is good. Once she is really sleeping, her paci drops out and she doesn’t (generally) need it to stay asleep. But, since my guess is that she is a pretty  light sleeper during this short morning stretch, she very frequently needs help with her paci, so the hours right before I get up with her for our first feeding aren’t very restful (for me at least!). I have been trying to take a nap at least a couple of days a week in the afternoon if I can get both girls down at the same time which helps, especially since I “need” 9+ hours of sleep! Maybe someday…

Daphne is also really gassy, as compared to Eloise at this age, which our ped told us is super common for babies this age so we aren’t worried at all, but she definitely fusses over it sometimes until she can let it out. I also wonder whether her morning fussiness is due to gas?

This girl loves (loves) her hands. She is still in newborn-mode with her hands though and they are almost always tight in a fist. But if she can, she will attempt to stick her entire fist in her mouth. Usually that’s a sign that she wants a paci, but sometimes I let her suck on her hands since that is the way she is naturally self-soothing. Not sure if we want to encourage hand (or eventually fingers or thumb) sucking, but I hate to prevent her from soothing in that way. And speaking of her hands, she always has lint and fuzz in her hands! I don’t know where she gets so much of it, but every feeding I open her hands (or wait for them to open towards the end of her feeding which is a sign of being full) and pick the lint out. We call her The Lint Smuggler.

And finally, Daphne is finally not crying thru diaper or clothes changes. She still doesn’t love having a shirt or a onesie put over her head, but she won’t cry much anymore, whereas before, every single diaper or clothing change was accompanied with tears. The saddest.

Daphne has her 8 week check-up (and first set of shots) this morning so I will share all that info for her two month update next week!

See Eloise in this same outfit here. Babies in overalls are the BEST!

Happy 8 weeks Daphne!


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