my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise’s Easter grass is growing SO fast! We finally gave them a haircut on Friday morning.}


{Gimme all the babies!}


{We met up for a playdate with Amanda and Elliott at Maple Leaf Park since it was such a beautiful, sunny day on Friday! Of course the kids needed a snack break.}


{Our rhodie is finally blooming and it is SO gorgeous!}


{Sunny afternoons call for sidewalk chalk after naptime and spending as much time as possible outside before Mama has to make dinner.}


{There are many “wrap naps” these days when Mama has to get something done and Daphne insists on only sleeping when being held. I know I will miss this in a few months so I am trying to soak up every minute!}


{Time on the play mat is starting to become a regular thing and Daphne is pretty happy about it (most of the time).}


{Got a ThredUp bag to help me start organizing my closet that I started tearing apart a few weeks ago. Hopefully I can generate some funds so that I can pick up a few spring/summer pieces I have had my eye on!}


{Saturday night Aaron went out with his brother Ben, so I flew solo for bedtime for the first time. It went way better than I expected, though my expectations were very low (haha). And after big sister was down, I cuddled up with this little one and watched Moana!}


{Eloise is all about her memory game and Aaron obliged in playing it with her this afternoon for the umpteenth time. She’s actually really good!}


{Tummy time!}


{Eloise and Papa cuddles after naptime.}


{A post-Barre trip to TJ’s. Shopping by yourself when you have little kids is like a dream!}

We had the most gorgeous, sunny, and warm day on Friday and spent nearly every minute of it outside (except for during naptime, of course) which was followed by a weekend filled almost entirely of rain… I guess that’s called spring in the PNW! You would think I would be used to this by now seeing as I have lived in Seattle for 12 years (eek!).

There were a lot of “firsts” for our family this weekend: my first solo bedtime with the girls, my first post-partum Pure Barre class (I am going to be SO sore!), and Aaron’s first solo time watching both girls. It’s still sometimes hard to believe we are a family of four, but we are getting into our new normal and it feels good!

How was your weekend?


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