daphne {week 6}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // onesie: Etsy // pants: babyGap // booties: June & January}

{week 6} This past week has sort of been a blur where all of the days start feeling the same. I guess that is what happens with routines, each day is basically the same, which is great for kids who need consistency (Eloise!) but not so great for Mamas who start to feel like it’s Groundhog’s Day! Luckily I have started to get my act together enough to feel like I can leave the house without it being a major, chaotic thing. The most helpful thing for me is that I have lowered my expectations about how “ready” I will be before we leave the house… concealer, mascara, maybe a quick shower, and clean clothes! (Plus, Aaron and I always joke that the secret to being a good parent is low expectations. Ha!)

Daphne, while still going thru the night without a middle of the night feeding, has been much more fussy during the night. I usually just have to get her paci in her mouth and maybe rock her for a second, and she is back down. But I am finding that I am doing this multiple times per night which wasn’t the case even a week or so ago. But in reading back on Eloise’s week 6 update, I was reminded of the dreaded week 6 sleep regression! Since I was in a PEPS group with Eloise at this point in her life, meaning I met weekly with a mama’s group to chat all about our new babies, I was totally up-to-speed on all of these types of things, like regressions, milestones, or developments. But since having Daphne I haven’t had a chance to catch up on my reading! All of this is to say that I think Daphne may be in her 6 week sleep regression and will go back to snoozing more normally soon!

She is still sleeping at night in her rock n’ play right next to our bed. At this point I had transitioned Eloise into her crib, but am not feeling quite as antsy to do that this time around. At least yet. I may try putting Daphne down for naps in her crib, especially to get her used to lying flat during sleeping time, but nighttime seems like a completely different story and the reason is two-fold; one is that because Daphne just needs her paci stuck back in her mouth to get back to sleep, it is so, so much easier for me to just roll over in bed and lean over to give her a paci (rather than have to get up out of bed and go next door), and two is that Eloise is next door to the nursery and I am trying to prevent having both kids up at night if Daphne is crying! I know it’s not realistic to think that Daphne’s crying will never effect Eloise because she definitely cries in the early mornings before her first feeding, during naptime in the afternoon, and in the evenings after Eloise is asleep. But I am much more anxious about it in the middle of the night! I think I will get thru this regression and then re-evaluate!

We are still offering Daphne a bottle of pumped milk after her last feeding of the day which she almost always takes. It is mostly to ensure she will continue to take a bottle (which can sometimes be an issue for (mostly) exclusively breastfed babies) and is only about an ounce and a half. I have dropped down to just one pumping session per day, right after Daphne’s first feeding around 6:30 or 7 am. Although it was nice to get extra pumped milk and feel like I was “fully drained” right before bedtime, having a pumping session after her last feeding was pushing my bedtime so late! Generally milk supplies are higher in the morning (which seems to be mostly true with me) and then I can get pumping out of the way before Eloise is up for the day. And nothing is more stressful than having a toddler (and an infant) to watch while you are pumping… I had Eloise in the nursery with me once while I tried to pump and it was terrible. It cut my output at least in half!

Daphne is super into her hands these days and constantly has them (or tries to have them) in her mouth. Aaron has been able to keep her fingernails trimmed down, though they still grow like weeds, so we haven’t had to keep mittens on her. She can’t self-soothe enough with just her hands, so she is still using a paci, but we will see if she becomes a hand sucker.

You can also see from this picture that Daphne’s hair is changing a bit. It is becoming lighter on the sides, most notably in the sun, and is developing into a faux-hawk on the top just like Eloise’s at this age. I think these girls are going to have the same hair!

Daphne is much more alert during her “wake time” this past week as well. She sometimes falls asleep during the end of her feeding or immediately after, but a diaper change always jazzes her up. She still doesn’t love a diaper or clothes change, but she is starting to tolerate both much better. After a fresh diaper, Daphne is generally up for 30ish minutes before she starts to show signs of wanting a nap. She will sometimes go to sleep on her own, but generally needs/wants a swaddle and a paci. Her naps are all over the place during the day depending on what we are doing: in the car seat, in the Ergo or Solly wrap, on the Boppy lounger, in her swing (we have a version of this one that I found on consignment*), on my chest or arms.

Finally, I compared Daphne’s 4 week stats with Eloise’s and they are basically identical in weight and length but Eloise’s head was bigger!

Happy 6 weeks Daphne!


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* I am not a huge consignment store shopper unless it comes to baby gear. We never had a swing with Eloise, but since Daphne was fussy in the evenings for the first few weeks we thought one might be helpful. Our philosophy about most baby/kids’ gear is to wait to get it until you need it. And consignment stores are a great place to find a really good deal on gently used gear (that you will use for a couple of months, max!). You can spend so. much. money on baby gear and it feels like such a waste! If you are local to Seattle, my favorite consignment shop is Childish Things.

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