my weekend in pictures.


{Daphne smiles on Friday morning. Oh my heart!}


{The girls and I made it out to the Zoo on Friday morning which was impressive, I have to say. We met up with PEPS friends and it was so fun! Eloise was bound and determined to see the tigers and we got to see two of them!}


{J.Crew declared Friday to be #nationalstripesday so, of course, we had to participate since we are obsessed with stripes! Eloise was also wearing black & white stripes but didn’t want to be in the picture after naptime…}


{Such a little snuggler!}


{Aaron and the girls FaceTiming with Aaron’s parents – Nana and Papaw.}


{Such a proud big sister! Eloise was pretty excited to hold Daphne this weekend. But she never wants to stop!}


{Our yard got some much-needed attention this morning since it was sunny and pretty warmish. Aaron spent many hours out there today and now the yard looks so great!}


{Daphne in her new swing. Though I think Eloise likes it more for her baby doll Stella than Daphne!}

We had a pretty mellow weekend with almost no plans which was much-needed after feeling a little crazy the past few weeks! The sun finally (finally!) came out this morning and it was wonderful. I just want it to last thru the next few months… We got to FaceTime with both of our families, see Uncle Ben and Aunt Sarah (thanks for the cookies!), and have dinner with friends on Sunday (thanks for cooking dinner and dessert!).

How was your weekend?


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