daphne {month one}


{alligator: Jellycat // onesie: June & January // jeggings: Levi’s (old)}

{month one} This was the fastest and slowest month ever… except for maybe the first month of Eloise’s life!

Daphne is doing so well and it seems like she has been part of the family forever. And even though life is much more chaotic now than it was just a month ago, I wouldn’t change a thing! Also, having 2.5 years between the kiddos is awesome. Eloise is pretty independent and can do a lot of things on her own (which she prefers) and is also super helpful, especially since I feel like I am nursing all day long!

While not quite the marathon nurser that her sister was, Daphne still takes her sweet time during feedings. And most of the reason is because she is still so sleepy. Seriously half the time (at least) Daphne is snoozing while feeding. She still has what I call “newborn narcolepsy” in that she can instantly fall asleep! One second she will be looking around or looking right at me, and literally the next second she is asleep. I am hoping that in the coming weeks as she is awake more and more that feeding sessions will begin to shorten so that I have more time between feedings.

Daphne’s nails are growing like weeds which is good since it is a sign of being healthy but much too quickly for us to keep up. I swear even if we trimmed them every day, she still would have long nails. So, we try to keep gloves on her hands if we haven’t just trimmed her nails to avoid her scratching her face and chest. Most newborn onesies, rompers, and sleepers have gloves built-in which is awesome! I am hoping the rapid pace of her nails slows soon so that I don’t feel like she needs gloves all the time and can have access to her hands more!

We introduced a pacifier pretty early (in comparison) since nursing has been going well and Daphne has taken to a bottle well. Luckily, we were just able to use Eloise’s old ones, though you shouldn’t tell Eloise that since we told her her old ones disappeared! Daphne definitely likes a paci shortly after a feeding to help her go to sleep. Once she is asleep she will spit it out, but especially when she is fussy, a paci is tremendously helpful! Also, we just got a Nubbawub pacifier for her since it seems to help keep it in her mouth a bit longer. Honestly I sort of thought they were silly when we saw them before, but the little animal really does help keep the paci in her mouth since she sort of has something to hold onto; on the other hand, it also gives her something bigger to rip out of her mouth as well.

This kid is a pretty great sleeper. KNOCK ON WOOD! Since her first night she has slept at least 4 hours and has continued to stretch it out. I was nervous at first since you really aren’t supposed to let tiny newborns go more than 3 or 4 hours between a feeding, but since Daphne’s weight very quickly rebounded after her initial drop, we got the okay early from her ped to just let her sleep at night. Phew! A swaddle is basically key to getting this little one to sleep though. After some awake time, she generally will fuss a bit until she is swaddled up and given a paci. In the morning and early afternoon is her best time for a nap, while later in the afternoon and evening she tends to nap less and fuss more between feedings.

I had mentioned in a weekly update that Daphne is sort of already on a schedule even though she is so little. It really wasn’t my intention, but when you have another child who is on a schedule and has time specific activities (preschool drop-off and pick-up, and naptime) it sort of ends up working that way. And especially since Aaron is back at work.* But even without a schedule, we try to do the EAT, PLAY, SLEEP routine that BabyWise is so (in)famous for. Since Daphne is so little still, I don’t mind if she does fall asleep right after a feeding, but she generally follows this pattern of activity which we found really helpful with Eloise since I think it helped prevent the need to eat in order to go to sleep.

I also mentioned that I was already pumping this time around. My jaw dropped when the ped first mentioned pumping in Daphne’s second week, but it has been a good way to get my supply up and stabilized, and start a freezer stash. I am pumping just twice per day now, once in the early morning after Daphne’s 6 or 6:30 am feeding (but before Eloise is up between 7:30 and 8) and again right before I go to bed after Daphne’s last feeding. Pumping stinks, I will admit, but I have been pretty happy with my new Naya pump and also found a really good lactation cookie recipe! If you are a new mama I am happy to share!

{weight} 9 lbs 12 oz (50th percentile).
{hair} black. and a faux hawk just like big sister!
{teeth} none.
{eyes} dark grey/brown.
{clothes} newborn, 0 to 3 months, 3 months (Carter’s). any pants bigger than newborn are way too big!
{diapers} newborn {from the honest company} and cloth (g-diapers in a size small and Lil Joeys cloth).
{feeding} nursing every 2.5 to 3 hours during the day, starting around 6 am. feeding sessions last around 40 minutes (20 per side). last feeding of the day is around 11 pm which is regular nursing plus a 1.5 oz bottle of pumped milk and no middle of the night feeding!
{likes} nursing, riding in the car (usually), her big sister, singing, lights, paci, being swaddled, being bounced, sucking on her hands.
{dislikes} sponge baths, loud noises, diaper changes, having gas, being naked.

{nicknames} Daph, Bug, Snorty.

Happy One Month Daphne!


*Lots of you have asked about Aaron’s paternity leave. He gets 12 weeks of (paid) leave which is very generous and we feel very lucky. He took vacation time when Daphne was first born, but much like when Eloise was born, we decided it would be best if he delayed his leave until the baby was a little bigger (he has one year to take the leave). So the plan now is for Aaron to take 6 weeks this summer and 6 weeks at the beginning of next calendar year. This will allow for us to travel or just enjoy being at home together without worrying about Daphne being too young (immunizations) or feeding around the clock.

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