my weekend in pictures.


{Seriously, can she get any cuter? If this was not my newborn, I would be demanding another baby!}


{Picked up fresh flowers for a baby shower and attempted to make my own arrangements. Turned out pretty well except for the darn hydrangeas that barely made it alive thru the party!}


{We had the honor of hosting a Baby Shower En Blanc for Jess, Cale, Jaz, and Baby Austin on Saturday morning! It was a sprint to the finish, but we actually pulled it off! I would probably recommend not hosting a baby shower (or really any type of party) when you have a 3 week old, but it turned out really well and was so fun! More pictures to come.}


{Our little family all in white!}


{After Eloise’s nap on Saturday we decided to enjoy the sort of sunny weather and take a stroll down to the playground at our local community center. Daphne basically napped the entire time and the rest of us got a really good workout since the walk on the way home is nearly all uphill. My body wasn’t super stoked about that…}


{Baby stretches from Daphne this afternoon. And yep, it was a jammies-all-day kind of Sunday!}

On Friday morning I took both girls to the grocery store (alone for the first time with both!). It went pretty well with Daphne in the Ergo and Eloise in the cart until check-out and then went quickly downhill from there. Eloise was threatening to jump out of the cart when I was paying and on the way out to the parking garage… and then she absolutely refused to get in her car seat. So after about 5 minutes of trying to negotiate with her, I managed to get her (screaming and crying) into her car seat, and, of course, by that time Daphne was crying too. It was a super fun trip home! I have been testing out various online grocery services and deliveries the past two weeks, and will definitely be sticking with that from now on!

We were super busy Friday evening and early Saturday morning prepping for the baby shower. It was a miracle that we pulled it off, but it worked and it was so, so fun! We had lots of friends over that we hadn’t seen in ages, and so. many. babies! There were 12 kiddos in attendance! I truly do love hosting parties and managed to plan and prep most of this one before Daphne was born. There will be more pictures to come (I didn’t take any but Jess has at least a few!). And we were so excited to celebrate the impending arrival of Baby Austin – congrats Jess and Cale!

And Sunday was a super lazy day and we all stayed in our PJs. It rained literally the entire day, so we took full advantage. Aaron and Eloise spent a lot of the day rotating toys and doing all of Eloise’s newly-found puzzles!

We are gearing up for a new week and can’t believe it’s the last week of March!


3 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. My goodness, sweet Daphne! I think my jaw dropped open when I read that you hosted a baby shower. Hang in there… I’d love to say trips to the grocery get easier, but even at 3 and 5 they are just as crazy. My friend swears by Shipt. I am still tempted to give it a try soon. xoxo

    • Yeah, maybe not the best decision to host! 😬 But it was that or when I was super pregnant! Well, it makes me feel better about shopping with two kids. I can do a quick trip with the stroller but not the weekly haul! I will look into Shipt for sure. I used Amazon Fresh last week and was pretty impressed and did grocery pick-up at QFC (which is Kroger) the week before and that worked pretty well too since I didn’t have to get the kids out of the car!

  2. I want to say that she is adorable and beautiful but Since we aren’t allowed to say that, I guess amazing will have to do. Wish I could’ve kept one or the other or both when you went grocery shopping. 😘 From Nana!

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