daphne {week 3}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // onesie: Old Navy // pants: crewcuts pants (no longer available) // booties: June and January}

{week 3} Gah, three week?! This has been the longest and shortest three weeks of my life! (Well, except for maybe the first three weeks of Eloise’s life…) But I guess that’s what they say about parenting little ones: it is the longest and shortest time!

Daphne is as sweet as ever and continuing to be awake more and more during the late morning and afternoons. She is still a bit fussy in the evenings, but keeping her upright and making sure she has a good burp or two seems to help. We never really had to burp Eloise, especially when she was exclusively breastfeeding, so we are still learning to remember to burp this kid!

Last week Daphne went in for her two week check-up and did really well! She is much longer – grew an inch and a half! -and she was nearly up to her birth weight. The doctor gave us the greenlight to stop supplementing with a bottle three or four times a day and let her sleep at night as long as she will go. Wahoo! We are still giving her one  1 ounce bottle of pumped milk right before bedtime (which is usually between 11 pm and midnight), and I am down to pumping just twice a day, early in the morning (between 5 and 8 am) after Daphne’s first feeding and right before bed (between 11 pm and midnight) after Daphne’s last feeding. I didn’t pump this early at all with Eloise, so I definitely feel like all I am doing is nursing and pumping… but I did drop a pumping session in the afternoon which gives me Eloise’s naptime back to shower or sleep or get stuff done around the house – it’s life-changing! I also have been able to keep my milk supply up and actually freeze a few ounces here and there, building up that freezer stash!

Daphne has been a really good sleeper still, especially in comparison to Eloise. She is going about 3 to 3 and a half ours between feedings during the day, and 7 to 8 hours at night! But, even with that long (long) stretch at night, she is really only sleeping about 4 hours straight and then spends the remaining few hours fussing. I have found that if I go and rock with her in the glider in the nursery, she will go back to sleep for a few hours. I can’t wait until she can keep her pacifier in her mouth because I think that will allow for her to go back to sleep for longer without me having to rock her. But for now, I am trying to enjoy the extra cuddle time (even though I just want to crawl back into bed)!

In the past few days we have noticed that Daphne is developing the tiniest bit of baby acne on her cheeks and chin. It is pretty minimal, but Eloise never had it so this is a whole new thing for us. I know some babies get acne really badly and there is almost nothing you can do about it (since it is almost always hormonal) but I am trying to be more attentive to cleaning up her face after feedings.

Also, we haven’t started any official tummy time (where we lie Daphne down on her tummy) but she has really great head and neck control when we hold her upright over our shoulder or on our chest. She will definitely be ready in a few weeks to start!

And see Eloise’s week 3 update here (she is wearing the same outfit)!

Happy Three Weeks Daphne!


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