project baby #2 {week 38}


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{week 38} Welp, 38 weeks! I am glad that I made it this far and hope to have (at least) one more weekly bump update before Baby Foot joins us in the world! Most people think I am completely nuts you guys, but I could go maybe another month or 6 weeks – I am going to miss being pregnant so much!

At my appointment this week, everything was good and normal with the bump measuring in around 36 (or a stretch to 37!) with absolutely no signs of early labor. My mid-wives are pretty relaxed about doing any kind of physical exam, even this late in the pregnancy, because if there aren’t any complications or any other signs, early dilation or effacing can just mess with your mind and can mean absolutely nothing in terms of actually going into labor. I know a few mamas who went weeks dilated to a 3 or 4, and then mamas who went from 0 to 10 in just a few hours!

Lots of people (including total strangers) have been asking how I have been sleeping, and the answer is wonderfully! I don’t want to jinx it, but there have only been two or maybe three nights (including Sunday night) where I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. I am so, so thankful I haven’t had a lot of insomnia during the past nine months and feel so badly for any women that do. For me, it is my brain going a mile-a-minute and not being able to turn it off! But, whether you are working at an office or at home with your kids, a full night’s sleep is a necessity! Fingers crossed I will continue to sleep well at night since I know once this baby comes that will change!

After my appointment with the mid-wife last week I had a pre-natal massage. You guys, it was the best! I never had one with Eloise because I didn’t have a good recommendation for a pre-natal masseuse, but this time around a good friend referred me to a wonderful gal who was more than qualified. I am not huge into massage but it can be really relaxing for me, and with all that my body is doing at this point, it was nice to get some work done. Plus, it meant I got to lay down and take a little snooze during the middle of the day! If I were to do it again, I would schedule pre-natal massages for at least once per trimester!

Also, we finally figured out the car seat arrangement in our new car that works for everyone! I had mentioned either in a weekend post or a bump post previously that we couldn’t make the two car seats work in the back seat AND have Aaron (and his long legs) be able to fit in the driver’s seat comfortably. We really had two options: (1) turn Eloise to be forward-facing (since it makes her seat much less deep!) or (2) buy another car seat for Eloise that was less deep than her current one. We are currently borrowing one of Amanda’s Diono car seats (since we need an extra car seat for Eloise for when my parents get into town) which gave us a good insight into how another seat would fit in our car. We really like the Diono and are really considering it for when Baby Foot grows out of the infant seat, but it didn’t give us as much space as we had hoped. After re-arranging all of the seats in our car, Aaron realized he was able to change the angle of Eloise’s current seat so it was super up-right, and lo and behold it fits behind the driver’s seat while Aaron is driving! Hooray! Seriously. This is the BEST news. I didn’t really want to have to buy another car seat at this point (mostly because we really don’t have space to store Eloise’s current seat (it’s super bulky!) but I didn’t want to feel like my only choice was to turn Eloise forward-facing if she wasn’t ready. This is a really personal decision for a lot of parents, but one that I was willing to stand firm on. Technically Eloise can be forward in the car because she is over the age of 2 (which is state law) but she is well within the height and weight limits of the rear-facing for her current car seat as well as the fact that nearly everyone that knows anything about car safety will tell you that facing backwards in the car is the most safe (actually even for grown-ups!). Okay, so there’s the end of that long digression…

And here’s my 38 week update with Eloise!

And lastly, since I didn’t do professional maternity photos this time around (see Eloise’s here) and wasn’t really showing when our Christmas cards were taken (I was just 25 weeks along), I wanted to be sure to capture at least a few moments of this Baby Foot bump. So thanks to my super awesome hubby for getting some really sweet shots! (Sidenote: I promise that I am clothed the last few shots!)


Happy 38 weeks! And Happy Valentine’s Day!


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