project baby #2 {week 37}

Baby Foot_Week 37.jpg

{letter board: Letter Folk // tunic: Old Navy (old)}

{week 37} And we are officially full-term. That’s crazy guys! While it would be pretty unexpected and not very likely (especially since Eloise was so close to her due date) I could go into labor any time now and there wouldn’t be any intervention to stop it. Lots of people are telling me how second babies tend to be early, but in my experience with all of my close friends, the second babies have been late (or within a day or two of the due date). So I am holding out for a late February baby. The 21st to be exact and am planning on keeping myself busy until then!

My check-up with the mid-wife this week went well. Weight is pretty stable at this point and BP is low to normal, both are great! The baby’s heartbeat is strong and s/he is still head down into my pelvis – perfect position for these last few weeks. My belly is still measuring slightly small at 35, but no cause for concern. I don’t seem to be retaining water which is nice and my face is definitely not as full as it was last time (no complaints there!).

My appetite has really decreased and nothing really sounds good these days. Except for green smoothies! Baby still feels like s/he is up in my lungs during the day and I am hoping baby will “drop” soon!

Lots of people have been asking how sleeping is and, knock on wood, I have been sleeping well! Like I said before, I know the pregnancy pillow has helped tremendously. I can sleep on either side and have support on both sides, and still have two pillows under my head to help keep my heartburn at bay. I am up a few times a night to pee, and occasionally Eloise needs a back rub or some attention in the middle of the night, but generally sleep is great! We are trying to get all our ZZZs in before Baby Foot comes!

And here is my week 37 update with Eloise!

Happy week 37!


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