project baby # 2 {week 36}


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{week 36} And just like that we are at the end of January. It seems like I have blocked out the entire month of February (except for the week of Valentine’s Day!) as “Baby Lower month” and now it is here! February has always been such a special month in my life because of my birthday, and honestly, I have always celebrated the entire month! I know that with this new baby we will have even more to celebrate in this month, but it does make me slightly sad. Like normally we are gearing up for a big birthday bash at the house! Le sigh. Perhaps next year…

My now-weekly updates with the mid-wife have started and I already feel like I am living at the office. This past appointment I met the third mid-wife for the first time and she was very methodical about making sure we had everything covered – my kind of lady! We got to hear Baby Foot’s heartbeat – the best! – and my belly was measuring between 34 and 35 which is just slightly behind and completely normal for me. My blood pressure was within the low/normal range which is consistent with what it has always been and is especially good at this point since high blood pressure is definitely a red flag at this point in pregnancy. Baby Foot also remains in a good position with his/her back facing out and head down and low (already in the pelvis!).

There was a lot of talk about what the process would be this time around at the point I do go into labor, like who we call and where we go, etc. Pretty much any day now, especially as I near 37 weeks which is considered “full term.” (Ahhh!) And the biggest thing she kept saying was not to wait!! Second babies are known to come much sooner, so we don’t have the luxury of delaying like we did last time around (I labored at home for a few hours which was nice). I may have mentioned it before, but most of my anxiety comes from not knowing when I will go into labor because I can’t set a super specific plan for who will care for Eloise. At this point, we are mostly covered with friends and family, but it still gives me anxiety!

As you know from my last few weekend updates, nesting is full-on around here. It is great to be getting things done, and organized, and all set-up since I know that once a newborn (and a toddler) are here, nothing extra will get done. The nursery is close to being “done” and I have just a handful of projects I hope to get done: adding length to the curtains (they are about 6 inches too short, grrr!) and lining them with blackout liners, making a crib skirt, painting a globe, and sourcing art work for a future gallery wall. Hospital bag is mostly packed (except for those last-minute things) and the car seat base is installed.

Aaron and I have two date nights scheduled in the next two weeks, including an overnight date (we will be at home but Eloise is staying with friends!) which is exciting for us. Being a parent is hard on marriage, even the strongest ones, and I am trying to appreciate the time that I have with Aaron in the evenings or weekends (during naptime) and ensuring that our relationship is getting as much attention as it needs.

And here’s my week 36 update with Eloise! I think I looked much fuller in my face last time around at this point; I would be happy if that didn’t happen this time around!

Happy 36 weeks!


One thought on “project baby # 2 {week 36}

  1. I wasn’t going to guess this time but seeing your pictures at 36 weeks from last time and this time I think you look totally different! It might just be a boy afterall❤️

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