project baby #2 {week 35}


{letter board: Letter Folk // tunic: Old Navy (old)}

{week 35} Not much to report this week, though the fact that it’s the last week of my eighth month is sort of blowing my mind. We just passed the “one month left!” mark on Sunday and the final countdown really feels like it’s starting.

I thought, perhaps, the baby dropped a few days ago since it felt like I got some relief from feeling like Baby Foot was all up in my lungs, but it wasn’t permanent. Sometimes it feels like my lungs are being squished and sometimes it feels like I have lots of space to breathe. On that same note, I have started getting jabs in my ribs which I can only attribute to Baby Foot’s feet since I haven’t felt any huge movement (meaning s/he is still head down). Nothing terrible, but sort of a little reminder that someone is in that belly!

I feel much slower these days which I definitely feel during Pure Barre since the class is so fast-paced. I just do what I can and modify what doesn’t work at this point. And I have been letting myself rest and stretch during the last few minutes of abs (towards the very end of the class) since, let’s be honest, I am not working on a six-pack at the moment! But I do feel really good after class and know it’s important for me to keep up the physical activity to feel better now and post-partum.

I have lots of Braxton-Hicks throughout the day which always go away really quickly and don’t really feel like a true contraction, though sometimes they stop me in my tracks! And still some leg/hip pain that feels like my legs are being ripped off. Super fun. I am ready for that to be all done!

And as you know from my weekend post,  we have been working like mad to get Eloise into her new room so that we can prep the nursery. All of the big things are in (well, all of the big furniture is the same) but the rug is down and I am 85% sure I like the curtains! I have a box of Eloise’s old newborn clothes to sort thru; there is a pile of new clothes, blankets, and other baby things ready to be washed; and I have started setting things aside for the hospital bag. I am trying to be as prepared as I can in case this baby decides to make an early arrival, but am really hoping the baby is late. Like maybe just a few days or a week?

I see my mid-wife on Friday (and then weekly after this!) and I am so curious to see how my belly has grown. It looks like I am bigger this week and I tend to “catch up” in the last few weeks of my pregnancy!

And here’s my week 35 update with Eloise!

Happy 35 weeks!


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