my weekend in pictures.


{On Friday mornings we have dance class, so Eloise always wants to wear her tutu skirt. And she also picked out the rest of her outfit! That yellow sweatshirt is mine from when I was three and she loves it!}


{This is about half of the packages we got on Friday… seriously, it felt like Christmas with USPS, UPS, and FedEx! Between last-minute stuff for Baby Foot and my upcoming birthday – I think that is why Aaron is getting so many packages! – we had a lot coming in.}


{Eloise is obsessed with the Ergo – it’s the sweetest and means lots of snuggle time with Papa since I can’t wear the Ergo with my belly at the moment. So imagine her excitement when we got this Tula carrier which is super similar from Aaron’s sister. Sheer delight!}


{We worked on moving Eloise to her new room and got far enough by Saturday’s nap time to try out her new bed. This is how well it went… we pretty quickly figured out we needed to move her sound machine and lamp to the other side of the dresser! She eventually went down after over an hour and in her crib. It has been MUCH better for the rest of the weekend and she is officially in her new room! I will share more details soon.}


{We spent all morning moving the rest of Eloise’s room, including her closet. Eloise was amused by all of the fun new things that we uncovered, like this playmat, while insisting on being dressed in her turkey costume!}


{A post-barre trip to TJ’s was nice since I was alone but maybe not the best since I had just worked out and it was nearly dinnertime! But I mostly managed to stick to my list and pretty quickly realized I had to be able to carry everything a few blocks to the car, so I didn’t go crazy!}

This weekend was amazing for me because I got to full-on nest! We cleaned and organized and got Eloise into her new room which means that I now have full access to the nursery to prep for Baby Foot’s arrival! It is crazy to have Eloise in her new big kid room though and have the nursery empty… we are going to have two kids soon! It is starting to feel like I need more time but I am thankful I still have four weeks since last time around we were prepping the nursery two days before Eloise was born!

How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. Don’t you think Eloise looks a lot like Aaron in the first photo.?
    Good luck with getting the nursery ready, other nesting activities, and prep for your new little one. I am anxious to know which name you choose. J’ai Beaucoup de noms favoris 🙂 Bonne journée

  2. Yes! I think she looks more and more like him these days!

    I am prepping like crazy in case this baby comes early but really hoping it’s a bit late! Thank you for all of the well wishes!

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