project baby #2 {week 34}


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{week 34} Wow, 8.5 months! I can’t believe we are already into the middle of January. I will probably make a similar statement in every weekly bump post I have left, so let’s get to it.

I saw my mid-wife for a normal check-up and everything was great. After this next week, I start seeing the mid-wife every week! The baby’s heartbeat sounded perfect and my belly was measured, though I honestly don’t even know what the measurement was because we got distracted talking about something else! If it would have been alarming either way, I know my mid-wife would have said something. I am assuming it was maybe a week behind. I also had my TDAP vaccine which you are supposed to get every time you are pregnant to give immunity to the baby; we have had pertussis outbreaks/epidemics in this area for many years, so this was a no-brainer even though I still have “immunity” for another 7 or 8 years! My only complaint about the shot is that it felt like someone slugged me super hard in the shoulder for like a day and a half – ouch!

My lower back pain has mostly subsided which I think is a combination of taking it easy easier, being back at Pure Barre, and getting adjustments at the chiropractor. Now it is just sudden pain in my hip flexors (I think – right where my hip and leg meet!) that is flaring up. I know this is super common as my hips are starting to relax and spread as we near the end of this pregnancy. I don’t remember it being this bad so early with Eloise, though it isn’t constant or consistent which is good.

Working out has been interesting as I am making so many more modifications to accommodate not only my belly, but my inability to lie flat on my back. Just this past weekend my mama-to-be friend (who is almost 39 weeks) took her 500th (!) barre class and it was nice to have a companion at class. I am hoping I can keep with it like my friend and like I did with Eloise, right up to the end! I just keep scheduling classes in the coming weeks and will probably go up to my due date.

Last time around I did another FAQ that I thought would be fun to do this time too:

{question one} how are you feeling?

I feel really good, just much slower these days. And tired. I am sleeping pretty well, for the most part, and just up once or so a night (as long as Eloise is sleeping well which she has been now that she is feeling better!). And thank goodness for that pregnancy pillow – a lifesaver! I mostly blame my tiredness on being so active during the day. Eloise keeps me on my toes and I am trying to cram everything into the end of this pregnancy since I know going out and doing things now with just a toddler is going to be a cake-walk in comparison to what I am in for with a toddler and a newborn!

My heartburn and indigestion is there but really manageable and pretty minimal. It is mostly at night that I feel it and chomping on a Tums generally works.

And, unlike last time, I don’t have carpal tunnel – hooray! This is a huge relief as it was so painful last time around.

{question two} how much weight have you gained?

The honest answer is that I have no idea. Like last time around (and even when I am not pregnant) I don’t look at the scale. My mid-wife obviously keeps track of my weight and I know she will tell me if there is an issue either way. But physically, I am nearly all bump! A handful of my pre-pregnancy clothes that can stretch or be below my belly still fit (including all of my workout clothes which is great because who wants to spend that much on workout stuff for just a few months?).

Last time I was really, really sensitive to my perceived weight gain and any comments that people made that I felt like were discussing my weight. Even though I still know it is a sensitive topic for me, I have grown a much thicker skin which I blame on being pregnant once before and also surviving almost two-and-a-half years with all sorts of people giving me unsolicited parenting advice. You start to learn that it is NOT about you and it is definitely about them wanting to share information.

{question three} are you having any cravings?

My earlier cravings for fresh fruit, cold water, and dessert (so sugar) have really subsided and while I still really enjoy all of those things, I mostly don’t have much of an appetite these days. I think that is because my belly gets full so quickly that enjoying a meal is a thing of the past.

{question four} are you feeling the baby?

Yes very much! The baby is mostly active in the evening or right at bedtime. Lots of squirms and dancing when I lie down for bedtime. Also, ab work during barre seems to get me a lot of movement as well.

This baby also gets the hiccups at least once a day which is so reminiscent of Eloise!

I have been feeling so badly this time around because I don’t have a single video of this baby moving inside my belly (and have at least half a dozen of Eloise!). And it isn’t really lack of time, but I guess shyness on the baby’s part? Every time there is movement and I get my phone out to video, baby stops. Seriously. The worst. So that is my mission in these next five weeks!

{question five} will you find out the gender?

Nope, still don’t know the gender. I still have a hunch that it is a GIRL, but that is just mama’s intuition. I was right with Eloise, but really, I have only ever been pregnant with a girl!

{question six} how many more kids are you planning on having?

Aaron and I have pretty much decided (like 99%) that we are sticking with two kids, meaning this is my last pregnancy. I always thought I wanted three kids, but in reality I can’t imagine adding one more to the mix. (Ask me again though when I am snuggling with a tiny newborn!) I am leaving it up to Aaron whether we try for another one which is basically only going to be an option if this baby in my belly is another girl! 🙂

{question seven} have you picked out any names?

Yes, mostly. Our boy name is solid and we have had it set since before I even found out I was pregnant. It isn’t the name we were going to use for Eloise if she would have been a boy (since that one also started with E) but we both really, really love it! But, for a girl’s name, we are a bit on the fence. There is a name that I really like and a name that Aaron really likes, so we are going to have to find some sort of tie-breaker. Since we don’t know the gender of the baby though, we aren’t worried if we don’t decide on a name from the moment the baby is born. Maybe it will take a few hours or a day before we know which one feels right!

{question eight} have you started designing the nursery?

Yes! I shared my nursery moodboard here and we pretty much have everything for it. I still need to find a few more pieces for a gallery wall which I am determined to have up (at least partly) before the baby is born since the one I had planned for Eloise never actually went up… it will in her new room though! I know there are things I will want to change or add once I see everything together, but all of the big pieces are ready to go which is so reassuring!

Our biggest hang-up now is just logistical. Since we are moving Eloise down the hall and keeping the nursery next to our room, we have to get E’s new room ready before we can finish the nursery. But, we are well on our way to getting E’s room done and all of the big pieces are ready to go. I am hoping to move her fully in the next two weeks.

Anything else you want to know?

And here’s my 34 week update with Eloise!

Happy 34 weeks!


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