my {long} weekend in pictures.


{I am so thankful that this kid loves reading as much as she does! Reading to Stella on the car ride home. She didn’t want to get out of the car until she finished the book…}


{When you are eight months pregnant, putting your napkin in your lap takes on an entirely new form!}


{On Saturday morning we had our monthly PEPS playdate! Eloise and Eli enjoyed a breakfast of fruit and homemade bagels – they were amazing!}


{Cuddles with Eloise and the bump post-nap.}


{So I may or may not have broken the sink sprayer (that black one) which made our sink pretty useless. This is all “original” to about the 70s so we’ve sort of been dying to replace it!}


{And then you have to make a decision about which one you want out of what seems like a million faucets. Seriously, why does it have to be so complicated?}


{And then your awesome husband spends most of Saturday night installing the new faucet. The actual install took him hardly any time, it was getting the old faucet out since it was rusted in! Eloise was, obviously, super helpful too!}


{And there you go, new faucet! It makes a HUGE difference already since we have a super shallow sink. At some point in the next few years we will do a complete kitchen gut and remodel, but this should hold us off for now.}


{Sunday was spent almost entirely in Eloise’s new room getting it ready for her big transition in a few weeks. Walls are painted (thanks to our neighbor a few weekends ago!), chandelier is up, bed is assembled and painted, webcam is up, dresser was delivered, bookshelves hung.}


{I am so excited to see this space come together! Also, trash cans. We may have to build a little fence for those or something…}


{Bump post-barre which looks WAY bigger from a bird’s eye view than it actually is!}


{This morning Eloise and I headed over to Land of Nod to see Caspar Babypants in concert. She was having such a good time clapping, singing, and dancing (I promise) but as soon as I tried to take a picture, stoic. This is the best I got!}


{It was so (so) crowded, but we got there a little early and snagged a bean bag chair! Eloise had a great time at her very first concert and even snagged a signed CD!}


{I set up the new diaper shipment for Baby Foot which seemed surreal since it seems like so long ago that Eloise was in diapers full time. I can’t wait to see these tiny newborn diapers! And even though we pay a premium above other diaper brands, I love not having to go to the store to get diapers and wipes and instead have them delivered. We may also try Parasol which is a similar diaper delivery since I have heard good things!}


{And, Happy Valentine’s Day! We are less than a month away from that big celebration, so I figured I should get my wreath up since other festive Valentine’s Day décor is not likely to go up this year. And that is mostly because I am worried that it won’t get taken down until this summer because, newborns and toddlers!}

It was a fun long weekend and, as usual, ended too quickly! I can’t believe we are into the second part of January already. But, we got SO many projects done around the house which makes this nesting mama so happy! Rain is forecasted for this week (bummer!) but it’s a short one at least!

How was your weekend?


4 thoughts on “my {long} weekend in pictures.

  1. I did a barre class yesterday and I am SO sore today. Great job keeping it up during your pregnancy. Also, Casper Babypants, how fun!! We’ve heard him on the Sugarcrash Kids podcast!

    • Yeah, barre can be tough especially if you don’t do it regularly. I guess that’s probably true with a lot of workouts!! Caspar Babypants is really cool and he is from around here so he does shows quite a bit in the area!

    • He is one of those kids artists I don’t mind listening to so it works out! I don’t know how much he tours outside of Seattle, but he puts on a great show! Thanks for reading!

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